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The William "Pinky" Newell Address

7 Address- James Thornton

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1. Certified Athletic Trainer and member of District 1 or 2. (Nominees for outside the EATA could be considered but a strong case would need to be presented for serious consideration).

2. Individual who has demonstrated a lifelong (no set time) commitment to the Athletic Training Profession.

3. Individual who has demonstrated the commitment of continued learning and professional growth.

4. Individual who has demonstrated an impact on the Athletic Training Profession outside of their Athletic Training Setting:

    A. Professional Involvement on the State, EATA or National level.

    B. Education: has been willing to communicate their knowledge and experiences to others through speaking, writing and research endeavors.

5. Individual who has demonstrated a balanced life style with involvement outside the professional area: family, community, social, etc.

The criteria are those which include many of the attributes of "Pinky" but are also attributes of what we want the "Role Model" Athletic Training Professional to exhibit to others.

PLAQUE INSCRIPTION: As executive secretary of N.A.T.A., Pinky was instrumental in convincing the members of the Eastern association to join the N.A.T A. to form a truly National organization of Athletic Trainers. Without his guidance and leadership, National progress as an organization could not have been assured.

For this outstanding achievement, and with appreciation of his many friends in N.A.T.A. districts one and two, the E.A.T.A. had established the annual William E. "Pinky" Newell Memorial Address.

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