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About the William "Pinky" Newell Address

Past Recipients

William E. “Pinky” Newell Address:

He is described aptly, as the father of modern athletic training, and the plaudit is highly deserved. He spent most of his career, actually most of his life, paving the path for future athletic trainers, leaving his mark on practically every aspect of the profession - from the educational component of athletic training to the NATA hall of fame. He had a vision of what athletic training and the NATA should be and how both the profession and the association should progress in the future. Pinky Newell’s blueprint of the profession remains virtually intact today.

Born in Enid, OK and raised in Stafford, KS, Pinky Newell graduated from Purdue University where he played football. After serving his country in World War II, Newell completed his certificate in physical therapy from Stanford University. In 1948, he took his first job as an athletic trainer at Washington State University. A year later he was named the head athletic trainer at his alma mater. He held this position until his retirement in 1984.

Pinky Newell was the leader of leaders. He blazed a path for those athletic trainers who will carry their profession into the next century.

In recognition of his outstanding achievements and with appreciation of his many friends in NATA Districts I & II, the Eastern Athletic Trainers’ Association along with Johnson & Johnson has established the annual William E. “Pinky” Newell Memorial Address.

Past Recipients


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