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Research Grant Winners

David R. Howell, PhD, ATC, Boston Children’s Hospital
“The Assessment of Blood Serum Biomarkers, Neurophysiological Function, and Balance Control after Concussion in Collegiate Athletes”

Cameron Powden, MSEd, ATC, Old Dominion University
"The Evaluation of Response Shift and Functional Outcomes Following a 4-Week Comprehensive, Evidence-Based Rehabilitation Program in Individuals with Chronic Ankle Instability"

John Luke Pryor, MS, ATC, CSCS, University of Connecticut
"Effectiveness of an Intermittent Heat Exposure Protocol to Maintain Heat Acclimation"

Stephanie Mazzerole, PhD, ATC, University of Connecticut
A Comparison of Organizational Infrastructure on the Quality of Life of the Athletic Trainer

Grant Norte,MEd, ATC, University of Viginia
Central and Peripheral nervous system adaptations across the spectrum of ACL injury and reconstruction.

Jane McDevitt, MS, ATC, CSCS, Temple University
N-Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid Receptor Subunit NR2A Polymorphism and Sport Concussion

Eric Swartz, PhD, ATC, University of New Hampshire
Football facemask, helmet, and shoulder pad equipment designs: Effects on acute airway and cardiovascular care in medical emergencies

Alan Needle, MS, ATC, CSCS, University of Delaware
Force Sense and Reactive Stiffening in Patients with Unstable Ankles and Potential Copers

Jason Scibek, PhD, ATC, Duquesne University
Establishing a Reliable Method of Measuring Scapular AP Tilt

Anne Russ, ATC, Temple University
Neuropsychological Influences on Neuromuscular Activation

Stephanie Mazerolle, PhD, ATC, University of Connecticut   
Promotion of work and family balance among division I athletic trainers

Publication: Mazerolle SM, Pitney WA, Casa DJ, & Pagnotta KD. (2011). Assessing strategies to manage work and life balance of athletic trainers working in the NCAA Division 1 Setting. Journal of Athletic Training, 46(2)194-205. PMID:21391805


Brian Pietrosimone, University of Virginia
The Effect of Cryotherapy and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation on Treating Arthrogenic Muscle Inhibition of the Quadriceps

Publication: Pietrosimone BG, Hart JM, Saliba SA, Hertel J, Ingersoll CD. Immediate Effects of TENS and Focal Knee Joint Cooling on Quadriceps Activation. Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise. 2009;41(6): 1175-1181. PMID:19461552


Mary Beth Gilliam, ATC, University of Delaware
Postural Sway and Neuropsychological Performance Following an Acute Bout of Soccer Heading


Ryan T. Tierney, PhD, ATC, Temple University
Gender differences in head acceleration and dynamic stabilization during soccer heading with and without soccer headgear

Publication: Tierney RT, Higgins M, Caswell S, Brady J, McHardy K, Driban J, & Darvish K. (2008). Sex differences in head acceleration during soccer heading with and without headgear.  Journal of Athletic Training. 43(6);578-584. PMCID:PMC2582549


Lennart Johns, PhD, ATC, Quinnipiac University.
ERA and BNR Analysis of Ultrasound Heads

No grant awarded

Michael G. Dolan, MA, ATC, Canisius College
Effects of Ibuprofen and High Voltage Electrical Stimulation on Edema Formation following Blunt Trauma to the Hind Limb of Rats

Publication: Dolan MG, Graves P, Nakazawa C, Delano T, Hutson A, Mendel FC. (2005). Ibuprofen and high voltage electrical stimulation curb edema formation following impact injuries to hind limbs of rats. Journal of Athletic Training, 40(2) 111-115.  PMID:15970957

**Winner of Kenneth L. Knight Award Outstanding Original Research to appear in  the Journal of Athletic Training, 2005

Todd A. Evans, MA, ATC, CSCS, Penn State
Postural Control and Self-Reported Functional Status Before and After Lateral Ankle Sprains in Athletes

Publication:Evans TA, Hertel J, Sebastianelli WJ. (2004). Bilateral Deficits in Postural Control Following Lateral Ankle Sprain. Foot & Ankle International, 25(11): 833-839. PMID:15574245

Jennifer Earl, Penn State
Biomechanical effects of the protonics brace in healthy subjects

Publication: Earl JE, Piazza SJ, & Hertel J. (2004). The protonics knee brace unloads the quadriceps muscles in healthy subjects. Journal of Athletic Training, 39(1), 44-49. PMID:15085211

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