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Francis J. George Scholarship Award

2017 Award Winner- Eleni Diakogeorgiou

Past Recipients | About Frank George

The Francis J. George Scholarship Award will be awarded to Doctoral students (clinical as well as educational) who have displayed the same passion and commitment to the profession of athletic training as Frank did throughout his career. To this end, applicants must display a commitment to the profession through the PRACTICE of athletic training as much if not more than contributing to the science BEHIND the PRACTICE. Therefore, applicants’ actions as a practicing athletic trainer will weigh greater than their scientific achievements. Candidates who have worked as an athletic trainer as part of the assigned educational duties as graduate student (masters level or doctoral level) will be taken into consideration but will not be weighed as highly as actual employment as an athletic trainer. Applicants should also be able to demonstrate SERVICE to the PROFESSION. SERVICE to the PROFESSION can take the form of holding elected office, committee work as well as think-tank/workgroup involvement at any level within the association(s) and can include service outside of the boundaries of the EATA. Finally, only CERTIFIED athletic trainers who are in good standing with the NATA may apply.

The ideal candidate will have obtained their undergraduate degree and practiced in the field athletic training for more than a year. While working in the field of athletic training they will have volunteered their time on state and/or district committees prior to entering graduate school to earn their doctorate degree.


The application has five sections. Three to be filled out by the candidate, one for the nominating athletic trainer and one for the Head of the Department or Dean of the College. All documents, except for the official transcripts, will only be accepted as electronic attachments through email. If you have any questions, please contact:

Jennifer L. Brodeur
20 Boyden Building
131 Commonwealth Avenue
Amherst, MA.  01003
(413) 577-2901

Download Instructions: After selecting link, save the documents (MS Word file) to your computer and complete form. Once completed, email forms to

Criteria for Application

I. To be eligible for consideration an applicant shall:

A. Have been a member of the EATA for at least one year prior to the application filing deadline of October 25th.

B. Have an overall minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.2 (based on a maximum of 4.0) by the time of application from all graduate coursework completed, from ALL institutions attended.

C. Have performed with distinction as a member of the athletic training program and in his/her major.

NOTE: The applicant’s athletic training achievement shall be weighed at least equally with his/her academic performance.

D. Have signified his/her intention to continue academic work as a doctoral graduate student during year of award, and have been judged capable of graduate study by his/her major professor, major department head, or dean of the college in which he/she is enrolled.

E. Intend to pursue the profession of athletic training as the means of livelihood.

F. Have conducted him/herself both on and off the field in a manner which has brought credit to him/herself, the institution, intercollegiate athletics, and the ideals and objectives of American higher education.

II. After satisfying the above requirements, consideration shall be given to the applicant’s participation in campus activities outside of their job description/ requirements, other than academic and athletic training, in which he/she has had the opportunity to demonstrate qualities of leadership and to serve as an example to fellow students.

III. Need shall not be a factor in granting EATA scholarships and awards; also, the award of assistance from other sources to an applicant will not make him/her ineligible for an EATA award.

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