About the EATA Excellence in Leadership Award

The EATA Excellence in Leadership Award was developed in 1966 to recognize those members of the Eastern Athletic Trainers’ Association (EATA) who have provided leadership that enhances the profession of Athletic Training at the national, District 1 and/or District 2, and/or states included in District 1 and/or District 2 levels in a manner consistent with the leadership provided by Chuck and Frank Cramer.  Chuck and Frank Cramer, who served on the first-ever Olympic athletic training staff, were two of the Founding Fathers of the EATA and the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA).  They launched a company that created the first athletic training products that helped to fund the NATA and EATA in their early years.  Their efforts nurtured these organizations through their infancy and helped to shape the profession.   The brothers produced the first educational materials and provided training opportunities for young individuals interested in careers in athletic training.

Candidates for the EATA Excellence in Leadership Award must:

  1. Be a current or retired member in good standing with the NATA
  2. Hold current BOC certification or be a Certified Retired Athletic Trainer
  3. Hold a current state credential as an Athletic Trainer if BOC certified
  4. Be a member of the EATA from District 1 and/or District 2 for a minimum of 15 years
  5. Have demonstrated leadership and made contributions that greatly enhance the profession of Athletic Training at the national, District 1, District 2 and/or state contained in the EATA level 
  6. Must have promoted the field of athletic training through speaking engagements, publications in the professional journals or books, teaching innovations, active participation in/ support of others in the field. 
  7. Have served on a committee or held office in either EATA, NATA, or state organization
  8. Professional memberships - i.e. American College of Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy Association, etc. 
  9. Hold a current NPI number

Any questions, please contact Joe Iezzi:
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