About the EATA Excellence in Secondary School Athletic Training Award

Was called the Henry Schein Award) The award is presented each year at the annual Eastern Athletic Trainers' Association conference. In selecting the athletic trainer, it should be remembered that he/she should be a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession on the secondary or prep school level.

The following list of criteria will be the basis for the selection, of which 50 percent or more must be met in order to receive this award:

1. BOC certified and in good standing
2. Recognized excellence in the field of athletic training
3. Current member of the National Athletic Trainers' Association
4. Outstanding service to the EATA, NATA or state organization
5 Outstanding service to the certified athletic trainer's place of professional employment
6. Must have promoted the field of athletic training through speaking engagements, publications in the professional journals or books, teaching innovations, active participation in/ support of others in the field. 
7. Have served on a committee or held office in either EATA, NATA, or state organization
8. Community service - i.e. Emergency Medical Technician, etc. 
9. Professional memberships - i.e. American College of Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy Association, etc. 
10. Must demonstrate honesty, integrity, adaptability, tactfulness, and friendless when dealing with his/her fellow athletic trainers.

Any questions, please contact Joe Iezzi:
Email: jiezzi@comcast.net

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