About the Moyer Award

The David Moyer Award is presented to a team physician that has served the profession of Athletic Training as an educator and an advocate and has also served the community in which they live and work.


  1. Candidates must have a minimum of 10 years of service as a team physician to be eligible for this award. In addition, the selection criteria shall consist of six areas:
  • years of service as a team physician,
  • state, EATA, and NATA related activities,
  • special event coverage as a team physician,
  • education, research, and publication in the field of sports medicine and athletic training,
  • charitable and community involvement, and
  • service not otherwise listed.

Nomination Process:

Nominations shall be submitted by a certified or retired certified member of the EATA through an online form. Nominations are open from July 1st through September 15th


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