Why Should You Exhibit at the EATA Convention?

The EATA ANNUAL MEETING is the only regional convention within the NATA that combines two neighboring districts.   Starting in 1949, the EATA Annual Meeting attendance has consistently increased annually to become the second largest congregation of athletic trainers in the country.  Recent attendance figures demonstrate that more than 1,000 certified athletic trainers attend the EATA convention.  Add to that number another 400 professional athletic training students who attend their own concurrent educational program.

Contact Time:  Quality over quantity!  Our Exhibit Hall is scheduled for a six hour, one day only event.  This was decided after meeting with our exhibitors and listening to their comments.  We looked at our attendance statistics and selected the time when the majority of our attendees are present at the meeting.  Our hall is voluntarily managed by athletic trainers.  The atmosphere is casual and friendly, and if you need help or something special for your booth, we are there to make your experience and investment as positive as possible.

Value: Your cost to attend is affordable for every size company.  We include 2 banquet tickets for every company that exhibits.  Stay and have dinner with your clients, on us.

Networking:  47 YEARS!  That is how long Cramer Products has been attending the EATA Convention!  Three more companies have attended for 43 years (Henry Schein, Inc.; Mueller Sports Medicine; School Health / Sports Health) and many more have returned for 20 or more years.   Old friends are not hard to find in the exhibit hall; new friends and clients are found in every booth and aisle!

To sign up to be an exhibitor, please visit our 2021 EATA Registration Web Site

If you have any questions, please contact our Exhibits Chair at exhibits@goeata.org