Archived EATA Convention Exhibitor List-2012


5-hour Sample (Table #1)
Farmington Hills, MI 
(508) 353-6796
Web Site:

Description: 5-hour ENERGY is a liquid energy shot that provides hours of energy and alertness. It contains a blend of B-vitamins metabolites, caffeine, and amino acids, zero sugar and four calories. Get a free 5-hour ENERGY, Energy Break for your entire office by going to our website and tell us why your office needs energy.

AFI (Table #5)
Walpole, MA
(508) 668-6500 
Web Site:

Description: Since 1963, AFI has been New England's first choice of Athletic Trainers for their medical equipment service needs. We provide on-site and off-site repairs as well as yearly calibration, preventative maintenance and electrical safety inspections. AFI technicians are specialists in
therapeutic ultrasounds, electrical muscle stimulators, hydrocollators, lasers, whirlpools, hi-low tables, and more. We are a C-Corp type business with all of the insurances necessary to protect the work being performed.

Andover Healthcare, Inc (Booth #212)
Salisbury, MA 
(978) 465-0044 

Description: Andover Healthcare, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of bandages and tapes for over 30 years, supplying the sports medicine market with high quality products manufactured in the USA. Committed to new and innovative technology, our athletic products include: PowerFlex® (cohesive wrap); PowerTape® (cohesive tape); PowerFlex®; AFD(all-in-one wound care); PowerSpeed® (cohesive wrap for modifieds); and PowerFAST® (stretch tearable elastic). New this year is the PowerFlex® PowerTape Budget Taping Method...provide the best protection for your athletes at a low cost!

29 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Arrowhead Athletics (Booth #104)
Andover, MA 
(978) 470-1760
Web Site:

Description: Athletic Tapes and Prewrap

28 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Athletic Trainer System (Booth #302)
Grove City, PA
(724) 458-5289
Web Site:

Description: The best software available for athletic trainers.

Balance Engineering (Booth #111)
Henrietta, NY 
(585) 286-2205
Web Site:

Description: Balance Engineering is the leading innovator in advanced human balance assessment technology which helps to more effectively diagnose and treat patients who suffer from chronic neurological conditions and diseases relating to balance dysfunction as brought on by factors including injury, concussion, diseases and aging. The Equilibrate System eliminates subjectivity from balance assessment by providing a quantitative platform for the measurement of whole-body postural stability. It moves beyond traditional single-mode computerized test-beds and visual assessment.

Bite Tech, Inc. (Booth #108)
Lake Worth, FL
(908) 400-4690
Web Site:

Description: Inventor and manufacturer of Under Armour mouthwear

Bob McCloskey Insurance (Booth #210)
Matawan, NJ 
(800) 445-3126
Web Site:

Buffalo Convention Booth (Booth #2)

California University of Pennsylvania (Booth #304)
California PA 
(724) 938-4356
Web Site: 

Description: California University of Pennsylvania offers 100% online undergraduate and graduate programs in Sports Management and Excerise Science and Health Promotion. We also offer accredited undergraduate and graduate programs in Athletic Training.

Coldtub™ (Booth #106)
Lynnfield, MA
(617) 480-7683
Web Site:

Description: Coldtub designs and manufactures cold water therapy products. (aka cryotherapy, cold water immersion, balneotherapy, hydrotherapy) Our flagship product, the PolarPool™ cold tub was inspired by Don DelNegro, head Athletic Trainer for the Boston Bruins hockey team, as he searched for a better alternative to common steel whirlpools for his athletes. Don, like many other trainers, was concerned about the safety, sanitization, size, chemical maintenance, and set up time required by traditional cold water tanks. Our paths crossed and visions joined to create the solution. The PolarPool™ cold tub was created and has now exploded onto the professional and collegiate athletic training scene. Since the Boston Bruins hockey team purchased the first PolarPool™ cold tub, many other organizations have followed suit.

Collins Sports Medicine (Booth #209)
Raynham, MA
(800) 886-2825
Web Site:

Description: Collins Sports Medicie is a family owned and operated distributor of sports medicine, athletic training and strength and conditioning products. Founded on the principals of superior customer service and an unwavering commitment to quality, Collins has become an invaluable partner to athletic trainers, physical therapists and health care professionals. Collins has also become an expert resource in the area of facility design services. Wheter you are building a new facility or revising an existing one, Collins can help you get the most out of your dollars and space.

20 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Cramer Products, Inc (Booth #201)
Gardner, KS
(913) 856-7511
Web Site: 

Description: Complete line of Sports Medicine supplies including Athletic Tape, Underwrap, AT Kits, Hydration, and Field Supplies.

40 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

CSMi (Booth #202)
Stoughton, MA
(781) 297-2034
Web Site:

Description: SportsWareOnLine & Desktop Injury Tracking software, HUMAC NORM Extremity System, Used Biodex and CYBEX Machines, HUMAC Balance and HUMAC 360 Exercise Guidance System.

DJO Global (Booth #103)
Vista, CA
(423) 305-1793
Web Site:

Description: DJO Global is a leading global medical device company providing solutions for musculoskeletal and vascular health, and pain management. The Company's products help patients prevent injuries or rehabilitate after surgery, injury or degenerative disease. DJO's brands include Aircast®, DonJoy®, ProCare®, CMF™, Empi®, Saunders®, Chattanooga Group™, DJO Surgical, Cefar®-Compex® and Ormed®. Dr. Comfort, Bell Horn Visit

Dynatronics (Booth #307)
Salt Lake City, UT
(800) 874-6251 
Web Site:

Description:  Dynatronics offers over 30 years of experience in the manufacture, distribution, and marketing of advanced-technology medical devices, treatment tables, rehabilitation equipment, electrotherapy devices, and vibration. In addition, Dynatronics offers over 8,000 products and supplies at competitive prices. Save even more by ordering online at Contact us at 800-874-6251.

Foobag (Booth #315)
Blue Point, NY
(516) 456-5456 
Web Site:

Description: FINALLY....a solution to protecting your medical kit on those rain soaked days!!! FOOBAG is the ONLY way to keep your kit dry yet accessibile...NO MORE TRASH BAGS!

HARTMANN USA, Inc. (Booth #205)
Rock Hill, SC
(803) 985-1128
Web Site:

Description: At HARTMANN, we leverage expertise and understanding of the sports medicine environment to support certified athletic trainers through a high-performance range of tapes, bandages and wound management product solutions that perform on and off the field, practice after practice, game after game. Maximum Performance for Maximum Value. 

20 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Henry Schein Inc. (Booth #101)
Melville, NY
(800) 851-0400 
Web Site:

Description: Henry Schein distributes a comprehensive range of healthcare products, offering a complete line of athletic training supplies, rehabilitation equipment, medical and dental supplies, vaccines & pharmaceuticals, diagnostic equipment, modalities, medical kits, and athletic training room furniture. Henry Schein is a national distributor with five distribution centers strategically located throughout the country, stocking over 70,000 products and delivering next business day to over 80% of our customers.

37 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

HydroWorx International Inc (Booth #303)
York, PA
(717) 902-1923 
Web Site:

ImPACT Concussion Management Software (Booth #110)
Pittsburgh, PA
(877) 646-7991
Web Site:

Description:ImPACT provides computerized neurocognitive assessment tools and services that are used by medical doctors, psychologists, athletic trainers, and other licensed healthcare professionals to assist them in determining an athlete's ability to return to play after suffering a concussion.

Jaybird & Mais, Inc. (Booth #305)
Lawrence, MA
(978) 686-8659
Web Site:

Description: Manufacturers of the Jaybird branded sports medicine adhesive tape product line. Located in Lawrence, MA and made in the USA. Visit out booth for samples and product information.

Johnson and Johnson (Booth #200)
New Brunswick, NJ
Web Site:

Description: Johnson and Johnson, a founding sponsor of the National Athletic Trainers' Association has been a thirty-nine year supporter of the EATA. Makers of Zonas, Coach, Elastikon brand tapes and now Activ-Flex Cohesive Wrap.

40 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

McDavid, Inc (Booth #309)
Woodridge, IL
(630) 783-0600
Web Site:

Description: The leaders in sports medicine and protective apparel

22 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Medco Sports Medicine (Booth #301)
Tonawanda, NY
(630) 378-6284
Web Site:

Description: Medco Sports Medicine is the largest distributor of Sports Medicine supplies and equipment to Athletic Trainers. We offer a complete line of sports medicine, rehab and physical therapy equipment and products at a competitive price while offering unmatched customer service. Medco Sports Medicine is also an approved provider of Continuing Education Units and have home study courses available at no charge on our website at

28 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Moore Medical LLC (Table #2)
Farmington, CT
(860) 826-3622
Web Site:

MS Plastics (Booth #109)
Butler, NJ
(973) 492-2400
Web Site:

Description: MS Plastics is the leading manufacturere of cold therapy products including custom printed ice bags to carry your identity and message to the membership,students and community.

Mueller Sports Medicine (Booth #100)
Prairie du Sac, WI
(608) 643-8530
Web Site:

Description: "Sports Medicine Products, Braces / Supports, Tapes / Wraps, First Aid products"

37 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Parker Laboratories (Booth #107)
Fairfield, NJ
(973) 276-9500
Web Site:

Description: Parker Laboratories, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of medical ultrasound and electromedical contact media, including gels, lotions and pads.  Some of Parker’s products include Aquasonic®100 Ultrasound Transmission Gel, available in a 20g Single Use Packette, Polysonic® Ultrasound Lotion, Spectra®360 Electrode Gel and our NEWEST product Protex™ Disinfectant Spray and Wipes, a one-step, cleaner/disinfectant effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens including MRSA, HIV, Staph and many others, EPA registered.  Visit our booth for more product information and product catalog.

22 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Precision Athletic Training (Booth #206)
Allston, MA
(781) 366-1880
Web Site:

Description: Precision Athletic Training provides athletic trainers with excellent per diem athletic training opportunities

PROTEAM by HAUSMANN (Booth #203)
Northvale, NJ
(201) 767-0255 
Web Site:

Description: PROTEAM™ is the “team to beat” in athletic training tables and treatment furniture. Our Modular Taping Stations fit any space and any need. As versatile as the Option Play, you can add, change or relocate modules as necessary! PROTEAM™ equipment – from our Split Leg Lift Tables, Taping Stations and Treatment Tables to Stools, Cabinets and Stadium Lockers – boasts another unbeatable statistic: More than 50 years of manufacturing expertise by a proven winner, Hausmann Industries.

Restwise Recovery Monitoring System (Booth #311)
Concord, MA
(978) 405-0333

Description: Restwise offers the first simple, inexpensive, and accurate way to monitor your athletes' state of recovery. Already used by top professional, collegiate, and national teams, as well as by individual Olympians and World Champions, Restwise lets athletic trainers and coaches know on a daily basis exactly how their athletes are responding to their training programs. Restwise helps maximize performance, avoid over training, and reduce the risk of injury and illness.

Shock Doctor, Inc. (Booth #208)
Plymouth, MN 
(519) 763-2737
Web Site:

Description: Shock Doctor is the authentic market leader and creators of innovative, unique performance-driven sports protection and the undisputed leader in mouthguard technology. Shock Doctor is considered the leading innovator in sports protection around the globe. Their belief in combining design and technology to achieve better protection and performance is now trusted by fearless athletes in a growing number of products and sports, from youth to amateur to pro.

Silipos (Booth #306)
Niagara Falls, NY 
(800) 229-4404
Web Site:

Description: Silipos is the gel leader in skin protection for the athlete.  Our unique formulation protects from friction and shearing and prevents helps blister formation.  The gel properties perform excellent with shock absorption and disbursement of pressure which allows for comfortable performance on the field.  Our products are made in the U.S. to high standards.  Don’t accept imported imitations.

Sports Health (Booth #114)
Hanover Park, IL 
(866) 323-5465
Web Site:

37 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Swede-O, Inc (Booth #207)
No Branch, MN
(612) 327-9124
Web Site:

Description: Swede-O's new Multi-Sport ankle brace is the most economical figure-8 strap style brace available and even has a one year warranty.

24 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

SwimEx Inc (Booth #113)
Fall River, MA
(508) 646-1600
Web Site:

Description: Quite simply the most versatile and powerful pool on the market for rehabilitation, conditioning and therapy, SwimEx offers 11 different pool models featuring its paddlewheel propulsion system to create a smooth fully adjustable water flow. Our pools offer multi-depths, built in workstations, Woodway Treadmill and superior fiberglass sandwich construction. In addition we offer a variety of hot and cold plunge tanks.

Quincy, MA
(617) 801-0226
Web Site:

Description: Team IMPACT is a New England based non profit serving children life threatening illnesses by pairing them with a college athletic team. By creating unparalleled support systems children are able to experience the camaraderie and love of being on a team. In return student athletes gain inspiration and perspective from their new teammate. The program offers teams and families opportunities to create bonds that can last a lifetime.

Vortex Industries (Booth #313)
San Antonio, TX
(210) 496-4991
Web Site:

Description: Vortex Sports Wrap System, the most innovative cold therapy products on the market today. Stop by to see what all the excitement is about. Featuring the new Vortex All In One Cart, Vortex Coreless Wrap and Vortex Ice Bags. One athletic trainer call it the "best idea in ten years!" Ask about printing your school's logo on your Vortex Ice Bags.