Archived EATA Convention Exhibitor List-2014


Andover Healthcare, Inc.
Salisbury, MA
(978) 465-0044      
Web Site:

Description: Andover Healthcare, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of bandages and tapes for over 30 years, supplying the sports medicine market with high quality products manufactured in the USA. Committed to new and innovative technology, our athletic products include: PowerFlex® (cohesive wrap); PowerTape® (cohesive tape); PowerFlex®; AFD(all-in-one wound care); PowerSpeed® (cohesive wrap for modifieds); and PowerFAST® (stretch tearable elastic). New this year is the PowerFlex® PowerTape Budget Taping Method...provide the best protection for your athletes at a low cost!

31 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Ateevia Botanica
Cresskill, NJ

Description: Ateevia Botanica is a natural topical pain relief cream that does not use capsaicin, menthol, arnica, camphor or salicylates to reduce pain and inflammation.  Made with a patented botanical blend, and a production system that does not use heat or alcohol, the ingredients remain very potent.  Ateevia has been highly effective in clinical trials in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, muscle and joint pain from overexertion or repetitive motion, tennis elbow (tendonitis), and arthritis.

Athletic Trainer System
Grove City, PA
(724) 458-5289
Web Site:

Description: Software for athletic trainers

Bay State Games
Woburn, MA 
(781) 932-6555 
Web site:

Description: Bay State Games is a 27 sport Olympic-style sports festival held in Massachusetts in July.  Certified athletic trainers and athletic training students are invited to become part of the BSG medical team.  Amenities are provided including access to a CEU medical conference. Service can be used for practical experience hours. More information at or email

Biodex Medical Systems Inc
Shirley, NY
(631) 924-9000
Web Site:

Description: Biodex rehabilitation technology addresses neuromuscular evaluation and therapeutic exercise following science-based protocols. Biodex Balance Assessment, when used for Concussion Management, adds an objective neurophysical component that gives clinicians the ability to quantify the elements of balance before and after an injury.

Stop by the Biodex EATA booth to preview featured products including the System 4 dynamometer, Balance System SD, Portable BioSway and BioStep® 2 Semi-Recumbent Elliptical. Visit, email or call 1-800-224-6339.

Biowave Corporation
Norwalk, CT
(877) 246-9283 x6
Web Site:

Description: BiowavePRO® is a patented pain therapy system that delivers therapeutic electrical signals through skin into deep tissue blocking the transmission of pain, increasing ROM, and reducing stiffness and muscle spasm for up to 24 hours following a 30-minute treatment.  Multiple treatments provide a cumulative benefit.  BiowavePRO is also used during exercise, AROM and PROM to facilitate rehabilitation and manage pain simultaneously. Come see why 80% of teams in the NFL prefer BiowavePRO.

Bob McCloskey Insurance 
Matawan, NJ
(732) 583-1181
Web Site:

Description: Student Accident & Liablity Insurance

Borden-Perlman Insurance Agency 
Lawrenceville, NJ
(609) 896-3434
Web Site: 

Description: Providing athletic accident insurance and risk management services to Colleges & Universities across the country.

Brace Pro Direct
Scarborough, ME
(888) 314-6307

 Description:  Brace Pro Direct delivers high-quality braces, supports and other medical equipment, offering customers competitive pricing and live clinical support.  Brace Pro Direct is an affiliate of a parent organization with a 20-year track record of providing durable medical equipment, orthopedic soft goods, and bracing products to orthopedic practices, hospitals, clinics, providers and other healthcare organizations.

Collins Sports Medicine
Raynham, MA
(800) 886-2825

Description: Collins Sports Medicine is a family owned and operated distributor of sports medicine, athletic training and strength and conditioning products.  Founded on the principals of superior customer service and an unwavering commitment to quality, Collins has become an invaluable partner to athletic trainers, physical therapists and health care professionals.  Collins has also become an expert resource in the area of facility design services.  Whether you are building a new facility or revising an existing one, Collins can help you get most out of your dollars and space.

22 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Cramer Products, Inc
Gardner, KS
(913) 856-7511 
Web Site:

Description: Cramer Products carries a complete line of athletic training supplies including; Athletic Tape, Under wrap,Braces, Cold Therapy, First Aid Supplies, At Kits and Hydration!

42 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Stoughton, MA
(781) 297-2034
Web Site:

Description: SportsWareOnLine & Desktop Injury Tracking software, HUMAC NORM Extremity System, Used Biodex and CYBEX Machines, HUMAC Balance and HUMAC 360 Exercise Guidance System.

20 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Diamond Sports Medicine
Indiana, PA    
(562) 981-4588
Web Site:

Description: Diamond Sports Medicine offers a true comprehensive suite of services for our partners in athletic healthcare. We are the only one of its kind to offer traditional pharmacy services, convenience labeled FDA approved packaged stock medication, custom compounding, medical and surgical supplies, athletic training equipment, electronic record keeping, insurance billing assistance and regulatory guidance all from our 135,0000 square foot western Pennsylvania facility.  With these wide-range services, Diamond clients get the best for less.

DJO Global and Surgi-Care, Inc
Waltham, MA 
(781) 290-1800
Web Site:

Description: New England territory representative for DJO products

Dynatronics/Northeast Rehab
Salt Lake City, UT    
(800) 874-6251 
Web Site:

Description: Dynatronics manufactures, distributes advanced-technology medical devices, treatment tables, traction packages, rehabilitation equipment and over 10,000 products and supplies. Dynatronics can supply all your treatment needs.

Blue Point, NY
(516) 456-5456 
Web Site:

Description: FINALLY....a solution to protecting your medical kit on those rain soaked days!!! FOOBAG is the ONLY way to keep your kit dry yet accessibile...NO MORE TRASH BAGS!

Rock Hill, SC
(803) 985-1128
Web Site:

Description: At HARTMANN, we leverage expertise and understanding of the sports medicine environment to support certified athletic trainers through a high-performance range of tapes, bandages and wound management product solutions that perform on and off the field, practice after practice, game after game.  Maximum Performance for Maximum Value. 1-800-243-2294

22 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Henry Schein Inc.
Melville, NY
(516) 322-4610 
Web Site:

Description: Henry Schein distributes a comprehensive range of healthcare products, offering a complete line of athletic training supplies, rehabilitation equipment, medical and dental supplies, vaccines & pharmaceuticals, diagnostic equipment, modalities, medical kits, and athletic training room furniture. Henry Schein is a national distributor with five distribution centers strategically located throughout the country, stocking over 70,000 products and delivering next business day to over 80% of our customers.

39 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

ImPACT Concussion Management Software
Pittsburgh, PA
(877) 646-7991
Web Site:

Description:ImPACT provides computerized neurocognitive assessment tools and services that are used by medical doctors, psychologists, athletic trainers, and other licensed healthcare professionals to assist them in determining an athlete's ability to return to play after suffering a concussion.

Jaybird & Mais, Inc.
Lawrence, MA
(978) 686-8659
Web Site:

Description: Jaybird & Mais, Inc. is a full service sports medicine adhesive tape manufacturer for athletic trainers. Jaybird specializes in quality products with personalized service. Please stop by our booth to sample Jaybird branded products.

21 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Jaypro Sports
Waterford, CT
Web Site:

Description: Germninja Ultraviolet Sports Ball Sanitizer

Johnson and Johnson
New Brunswick, NJ    
Web Site:

Description: Johnson and Johnson, a founding sponsor of the National Athletic Trainers' Association has been supporting the EATA for more than forty years.  Makers of Zonas, Coach, Elastikon brand tapes and now Activ-Flex Cohesive Wrap.

42 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

KAATSU Medical Institute
Boston, MA
(339) 227-5304
Web Site:

Description: KAATSU increases strength and builds muscle by working out with lighter loads in a short period of time.  Special pressurizing bands are attached to the upper arms or upper legs for working out. One is then able to workout with less strain on the muscles, joints and tendons. KAATSU has been and continues to be an extremely effective training program in Japan. KAATSU is now available for sale in the United States for the first time.

Woodridge, IL
(630) 783-0600       
Web Site:

Description: “The leaders in sports medicine and protective apparel”

24 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Medco Sports Medicine
Tonawanda, NY
(800) 55-Medco
Web Site:

Description: Medco Sports Medicine is the largest distributor of Sports Medicine supplies and equipment to Athletic Trainers.  We offer a complete line of sports medicine, rehab, and physical therapy equipment and products at a competitive price while offering unmatched customer service. Medco Sports Medicine is also an approved provider of Continuing Education Units and have home study courses available at no charge on our website

30 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

MedPac Bags
Spring Park, MN
(612) 709-1466
Web Site:

Description: MedPac Bags produces and supplies high quality professional medical bags.

MS Plastics
Butler, NJ
(973) 492-2400
Web Site:

Description: MS Plastics is the leading manufacturer of cold therapy products including custom printed ice bags to carry your identity and message to the membership, students and community.

Mueller Sports Medicine
Prairie du Sac, WI
(608) 643-8530
Web Site:

Description: Mueller Sports Medicine has been the choice of athletes around the world for 50 years. The only manufacturer in the category to detail every high school, college, and professional athletic program with a factory trained staff.  Mueller offers a complete line of braces, supports, tapes, and taping supplies and continues to introduce new and innovative products around the world.

39 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

NeuroCom, a Division of Natus Medical 
Clackamas, OK 
(401) 419-7649 
Web site:

Description: Founded in 1984, NeuroCom, a Division of NATUS is the world leader in the development of computerized tools for the assessment of rehabilitation of balance and mobility disorders.  NeuroCom Balance Manager Systems are used around the world in a broad spectrum of medical disciplines including otolaryngology, neurology, physiatry, orthopedics/sports medicine, geriatrics and physical rehabilitation.

Parker Laboratories
Fairfield, NJ
(973) 276-9500
Web Site:

Description:  Parker Laboratories, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of medical ultrasound and electromedical contact media, including gels, lotions and pads.  Some of Parker’s products include Aquasonic®100 Ultrasound Transmission Gel, available in a 20g Single Use Packette, Polysonic® Ultrasound Lotion, Spectra®360 Electrode Gel and our NEWEST product Protex™ Disinfectant Spray and Wipes, a one-step, cleaner/disinfectant effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens including MRSA, HIV, Staph and many others, EPA registered.  Visit our booth for more product information and product catalog.

24 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Pearson-Concussion Vital Signs
Bloomington, MN
(800) 627-7271
Web Site:

Description:   Pearson is the distributor of Concussion Vital Signs (CVS) an online neurocognitive assessment which provides baseline and post injury concussion testing for athletes middle school through adult.  CVS is a highly reliable, easy to interpret and competitively priced tool designed to help protect the health of athletes and includes features such as a clinician’s Portal.  For a free trial and to attend one our credit-bearing webinars go to:

Precision Athletic Training LLC
Lynnfield, MA
(781) 366-1880

Description:  Precision Athletic Training provides athletic training services to over 100 schools, sporting organizations, and camps in Massachusetts.    We are also a BOC approved provider that hosts continuing education opportunities and CPR classes for ATs.  We are here seeking to affiliate with ATs who are interested in per diem work with our high quality clients and to provide education about our services and the laws of working as an independent contractor.

Polygel, LLC
Whippany, NJ
(973) 884-8995


Tulsa, OK
(855) 797-7529
Web Site:

Description: PowerPlay is the most portable, most affordable cold and compression therapy system available.  The battery-operated PowerPlay provides three ports  of cold and intermittent, sequential compression for joint relief and muscle recovery for one to three athletes.

Presagia Sports
Montreal, QC
(514) 847-7474

Description: Presagia Sports is a secure web-based and mobile-accessible multi-sport Athlete Electronic Health Record (EHR) and concussion assessment system that centralizes athlete health data including injuries and illnesses, treatments, surgeries, and medications. It also provides real-time reporting and communication tools to connect the medical team in support of collaborative healthcare. Sports organizations from academic and professional to sports medicine clinics and sporting federations leverage Presagia Sports to increase the quality of care provided to their athletes.

PreventaMed Technologies
Waukesha, WI
(262) 309-6226
Web Site:

Description: PreventaMed Technologies is a distributor of innovative and economical products designed to minimize or eliminate preventable illness or injuries.  [x]temp™, our new product line, utilizes an UltraPure rechargeable liquid that is self regulating and cools tissue to a targeted temperature for therapeutic benefit and to help prevent heat related illnesses.

PROTEAM by Hausmann
Northvale, NJ
Web Site:

Description: PROTEAM by Hausmann offers the athletic trainer a complete line of all-laminate treatment furniture designed to enhance the functional capacity and appearance of the Athletic Trainer’s Room.  PROTEAM also offers a wide selection of Treatment tables, Split-Leg tables, Cabinets and Stadium Lockers.  Visit our website at

Sports Health
Hanover Park, IL 
(866) 323-5465
Web Site:

Description: Sports Health is a leading provider of sports medicine supplies and equipment to schools, universities, and professional sports teams across America. Our experienced sales team is dedicated to providing you with everything it takes to help your athletes optimize activity and participation. We invite you to visit us at

39 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Commack, NY
(516) 448-6655 
Web Site:

Description:SQAIRs replace glide boards, fitness rings, agility dots, hurdles, balance mats, steps, sleds, glides, grids, plyo-boxes, agility ladders, cones, and star boxes. They are anti-microbial, latex free and take up very little storage space. Also, they are easy to travel with. Keep things simple. Use SQAIRs.

Swede-O, Inc.
N. Branch, MN
(651) 674-8301
Web Site:

Description: New from Swede-O, introducing the Cooper Knee Alignment Support and the Cross-X CMC Thumb Splint

26 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

SwimEx Inc.
Fall River, MA
(508) 646-1600
Web Site:

Description: Premier Manufacturer of Fiberglass Aquatic Therapy Pools which feature laminar flow created by our paddlewheel propulsion system, and offer variable depths, built in workstations and the Woodway Treadmill

Tekscan, Inc. 
South Boston, MA
(617) 464-4500
Web Site:

Description: Tekscan is pleased to announce MobileMat™ BESS – the first and only computerized implementation of the Balance Error Scoring System (BESS).  Try it for yourself at the EATA conference and get a free T-shirt.  Plus, enter a drawing for our grand prize.  See howMobileMat BESS can make pre- and post-injury balance testing faster and more consistent.  Don’t miss out! \  

The New England School of Acupuncture 
Newton, MA 
(617) 767-0255
Web Site:

Description: As the nation's first school of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, NESA's tradition of excellence is without equal. Since our founding in 1975, we have focused solely on preparing the country's best acupuncture and Oriental Medicine practitioners.

NESA's Orthopedic Acupuncture specialization integrates Western Medicine evaluation and diagnostics with Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, combining medical acupuncture; trigger point, motor point, osteoacupuncture needling with traditional meridian style therapies.

Vortex Industries
San Antonio, TX
(210) 496-4991
Web Site:

Description: In addition to quality cold therapy products, Vortex has expanded its cart line to now include a Vortex Water Cow, Vortex Water Calf and Dollie.  Vortex Water Cows have 16” tank openings, 12 nozzles, high quality batteries and chargers plus a shelf that can be raised and lowered with one hand.  Custom colors and logo are available and each Cow and Calf are protected with Vortex Shield.

Germantown, MD
(301) 250-4063
Web Site:

Description: The WeatherBug Schools Program makes up the world’s largest weather station network and offers real-time weather monitoring and alerting solutions: on-site weather stations, lightning sensors, HD cameras and notification/alerting systems that provide advanced warning of lightning and severe weather, and delivers alerts to multiple devices using multiple methods. Decision-makers stay informed, involved and are able to make appropriate safety decisions.
Westlake, OH
(216) 402-4246
Web Site: www.earthnetworks/clubsafety

Description:® has created an innovative Electronic Health Record solution for Sports Medicine that is currently used by orthopedic practices, small and large universities, physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics nationwide.  WorkflowEHR is configurable and designed to streamline operations, enabling users to treat players, monitor injuries, and adjust playing status all at once.

ZetrOZ Inc.
Trumbull, CT
(888) 202-9831

Description: SAM provides low intensity, long duration ultrasound therapy (up to 4 hours) for muscle and tendon injuries, joint conjuncture and chronic pain recovery and relief. SAM is the first and only portable-wearable ultrasound device, complimenting the current stand of care. SAM provides cutting edge technology that is clinical proven, safe, efficacious and demonstrates long-term benefits for improving patient outcomes.  Manufactured by ZetrOZ Inc. of Trumbull, CT.