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Last Updated: 12/24/19

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EATA Sponsorship Opportunities

3ACT Slide (Booth #33)
Williamstown, MA
(413) 281-7632
Web Site: www.3actslide.com

Description: Helping athletes to return to play quickly, safely and with confidence, the 3ACT Slide is one of the most exciting and innovative products for the athletic training industry today. It's circular design, with customizable block placement allows the 3ACT Slide to be the ideal environment for sport specific return to play rehab, core strengthening, and functional flexibility.

Advanced Rehab Systems (Booth #47)
Romeoville, IL
(815) 372-3688   
Web Site: www.PTStuff.com

Description: A full-service equipment and supplies distributor, Advanced Rehabilitation Systems works with the Mojility network to serve the US from coast to coast. We stock a comprehensive range of supplies and have many years of experience in clinic/training room design, equipment selection, installation, training and service. We offer innovative products including K-Tape My Skin, a high-quality kinesiology tape in revolutionary skin tone matching colors; APS Dry Needles; and the EasyAngle universal digital

Anatomage (Booth #44)
San Jose, CA
(408) 314-2062    
Web Site: www.anatomage.com

Description: Anatomage is a medical company, driving innovation through advanced solutions in hospitals and educational institutions. Our products include medical tables, surgical devices, imaging equipment and radiology software. The Anatomage Table is sufficient to cover the full anatomy class. High accuracy contents offer an excellent replacement to traditional cadaver-based dissection. The library includes 4D scans where users can view movement such as beating hearts and respiration in real time.

Andover Healthcare, Inc. (Booth #19)
Salisbury, MA
(978) 465-0044    
Web Site: www.andoverhealthcare.com

Description: Andover Healthcare, Inc. has been a leading USA manufacturer of bandages & tapes for over 40 years, supplying the sports medicine market with high quality products. Committed to innovative technology, our athletic line includes: PowerFlex, PowerPro, PowerTape, PowerFlex AFD, PowerSpeed, PowerFAST & VictoryTape! Visit our booth to check out PowerPro, our revolutionary adhesive tape with no stretch, PowerFlex Glitter, PowerFlex AFD the one-stop blood bandage & the rest of our line!

37 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Arrowhead Athletics (Booth #29)
Andover, MA
(978) 482-5056
Web Site: www.arrowheadathletics.com

Description: Arrowhead Athletics is a manufacturer of premium-grade athletic tape and cohesive wrap products used throughout the Sports Medicine market for over 30 years. We are locally based in Andover Massachusetts proudly serving all athletes and trainers alike across the US and abroad. Our industry experience and product innovation provide our customers with the superior product application performance they expect to keep them in the game. Arrowhead products “Battle-Tested to Perform."

32 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Athletic Trainer System (Booth #18)
Grove City, PA
(888) 328-2577
Web Site: www.athletictrainersystem.com

Description: EHR software for athletic trainers, athletes and related staff members

Bob McCloskey Insurance (Booth #8)
Morganville, NJ
(732) 583-1181
Web Site: www.bobmccloskey.com

Description: Leaders in student and sports insurance administration since 1975. Student, sports and camp insurance are our specialty. We administer student plans for private and public schools as well as colleges; sports plans for schools, colleges, youth sports leagues, amateur sports teams, fraternal orgs., camps (day camps and sports camps) and coverage for complete programs such as recreation programs, CYO and PAL.

Borden-Perlman Insurance Agency (Booth #22)
Chambersburg, PA
(609) 575-2139
Web Site: www.bordenperlman.com

Description: Borden Perlman Sports Department was founded in 1990. Our mission is to combine our team, resources and determination to deliver insurance expertise. For 30 years, we have been providing superior customer service, focused innovation and sincere dedication to each collegiate community we serve. Our vision is to deliver peace of mind, security and value to everyone we touch through the combination of creative solutions and an unprecedented level of care and integrity.

California University of PA (Booth #45A)
California, PA
(724) 938-4356
Web Site: www.calu.edu

Description: California University of Pennsylvania, a regionally-accredited institution with a 160+ year history, offers 100% online programs. The Exercise Science and Sport Studies department offers doctoral, masters, and undergraduate programs that afford students great flexibility, without the need to relocate.

Collins Sports Medicine (Booth #38)
Raynham, MA
(800) 886-2825
Web Site: www.collinssportsmed.com


28 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Coretection Products (Booth #43)
Land O Lakes, FL
(888) 820-2673
Web Site: www.coretection.com

Description: Coreshorts are giving maximum support for the low back, pelvis , hip and groin areas while optimizing motion control. Patented "X" Core Activation System featuring a longitudinal stretch that produces 80% more directional & functional stability than a regular compression short- complete dynamic stability ! Medical compression rating 20-30 mm Hg

Cramer Products, Inc (Booth #5)
Gardner, KS
(913) 856-6751
Web Site: www.cramersportsmed.com

Description: Cramer offers a complete line of Athletic Training supplies

48 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

East Stroudsburg University (Booth #31)
East Stroudsburg, PA
(570) 422-3890
Web Site: www.esu.edu/atep

Description: East Stroudsburg University, located in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania offers mutiple graduate program options to prospective graduate and doctoral students with a background in Athletic Training. Our Athletic Training - Advanced Clinical program has a number of externally-funded positions.

FOOBAG, Inc. (Booth #39)
Blue Point, NY
(516) 456-5456 
Web Site: www.foobag.com

Description: FOOBAG products were designed, developed and Patented BY an Athletic Trainer FOR Athletic Trainers and are carried by every catalog vendor. Our products act as a rain jacket for your medical kits and expensive emergency medical sideline gear. Foobag can also be used for a variety of personal or professional uses for anything outdoors. Join the crusade against trash bags...NO MORE TRASH BAGS!!!

Gatorade The Sports Fuel Company (Booth #7)
Chicago, IL   
(312) 729-3693
Web Site: performancepartner.gatorade.com

Description: Grounded in years of hydration and sports nutrition research at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, Gatorade provides sports performance innovations designed to meet the sports fueling needs of all athletes. Gatorade continues to push the boundaries of hydration, nutrition, technology and delivery systems to provide scientifically-formulated products for athletes.

37 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Gladiator Custom Mouthguards (Booth #30)
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 221-6300
Web Site: GladiatorGuards.com

Description: The Gladiator is the premier custom mouthguard in the USA, engineered precisely to fit an athlete’s teeth making it more comfortable than any other mouthguard. The Gladiator guarantees 100% compliance, with maximum protection and improved performance. Every Gladiator is personalized with color, identification and logo. This gives a Gladiator an identity and value others cannot. Furthermore, replacement Gladiators are 50% off -- making a Gladiator more than just a mouthguard, but an Investment In Protection

Go4Ellis, LLC (Booth #26)
Philadelphia, PA
(610) 405-6187
Web Site: go4ellis.com

Description: Go4Ellis is an application that links athletic trainers with event operators for per diem work opportunities.

Hartford HealthCare (Booth #36)
Newington, CT
(860) 696-2514
Web Site: 

Description: Hartford HealthCare Sports Medicine is committed to the health and safety of athletes of all ages and abilities. The Hartford HealthCare Sports Medicine team provides care coordination throughout our system, managing sports related conditions with primary care, urgent care, specialized orthopedic care, and rehabilitation services

HARTMANN USA, Inc. (Booth #15)
Rock Hill, SC
(800) 243-2294
Web Site: www.hartmanninfo.com

Description: At HARTMANN USA we leverage our expertise and undertsanding of the sports medicine environment to support athletic trainers through a high-performance range of tapes, elastic bandages and wound management product solutions that perform on and off the field, practice after practice, game after game. Put HARTMANN USA products in your training room to deliver the care and support you need. Visit us at www.hartmanninfo.com.

27 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Henry Schein Athletics and Schools (Booth #6)
Melville, NY
(800) 323-5110
Web Site: www.henryschein.com

Description: Henry Schein Athletics and Schools, is one of the leading providers of sports medicine supplies and equipment. We offer more than 50,000 private branded products and diverse product options that help you achieve enhanced productivity while continuing to stay cost effective with exceptional value.

43 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Hydralyte (Booth #28)
San Diego, CA
(914) 318-2292
Web Site: hydralyte.com

Description: Hydralyte, is a global leader in clinical hydration. With up to 75% less sugar and four times the electrolytes (compared to the leading sports drinks) Hydralyte was formulated based on the World Health Organization guidelines for oral rehydration therapy, making all Hydralyte products the correct balance of glucose and electrolytes required for rapid rehydration. Hydralyte comes in a wide range of flavors and formats including ready-to-drink liquids, powders, and effervescent tablets.

HydroWorx International (Booth #34)
Middletown, PA
(717) 902-1923
Web Site: www.hydroworx.com

Description: For over 20 years, collegiate sports teams have trusted HydroWorx to accelerate recovery. Backed by clinical research, we make water work unlike anyone else, to ensure athletes achieve their potential. Utilized by 21 universities in the 2018 AP Top 25, HydroWorx is the undisputed provider of hydrotherapy equipment that gives athletic trainers a competitive edge in rehabilitation and conditioning.

Innovative CEUs, LLC and Athletic Trainer Solutions (Booth #50)
Wallingford, CT
(860) 805-7259
Web Site: innovativeceus.com/ and athletictrainersolutions.com/index.htm

Description: Athletic Trainer Solutions assigns per-diem Athletic Trainer coverage throughout Connecticut.  Innovative CEUs , LLC host online affordable Category A and EBP courses.  Save 30% using coupon code:    30EATA20   Innovative CEUs can host any course for any organization.  Educators, Businesses and Educational Entrepreneurs, stop by our Innovative CEUs booth to see how our API we will launch in June and July 2020 will help your business and schools offer online, hybrid, offsite course much more efficiently. 

JAG-ONE Physical Therapy (Booth #9)
Woodbridge, NJ
(201) 801-7141
Web Site: www.jagonept.com

Description: JAG-ONE Physical Therapy is a comprehensive physical and occupational therapy and athletic training service company with locations throughout Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, Westchester, Manhattan, Long Island, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our multi-specialty staff has been serving the Tri-State area for over 20 years and has developed a unique, care-first model of rehabilitation delivering high quality clinical outcomes for our patients. To “Get Back the Life You Love,” contact us through our website or the nearest facility.

Jaybird & Mais, Inc. (Booth #1)
Lawrence, MA
(978) 686-8659
Web Site: www.jaybird.com

Description: Jaybird & Mais, Inc., founded in 1985, is an adhesive tape manufacturer located in Lawrence, MA USA which is focused on the Jaybird® brand of taping products. Jaybird® offers a variety of rigid, stretch and cohesive tapes and other coated products specifically for the ATC and Physio Therapist. ISO9001:2015 certified since 1998, please visit our booth for samples and product information.

27 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

King's College (Booth #49)
Wilkes Barre, PA
(570) 208-5991
Web Site: www.kings.edu/admissions/graduate/programs/master-science-athletic-training

Description: King’s College offers a Master of Science in Athletic Training program (MSAT) in a 3+2 format and a 2 year graduate program format.   Students in our program will participate in comprehensive clinical experiences, including 16 weeks of immersive experiences in a variety of local medical settings and settings nationwide and globally.  The program prepares students to sit for the Board of Certification (BOC) exam.   Learn more at www.kings.edu/MSAT or call us at 570-208-5991.

Limbs & Things (Booth #11)
Savannah, GA
(912) 663-6118
Web Site: limbsandthings.com/us

Description: We build our products with the mission of enhancing clinical training. Our goal is to improve patient outcomes through realistic learning experience. We specialize in task trainers and will have several on display both at our booth and at workshop stations. Some of the products on display will be our venipuncture arm, abdominal exam, rectal exam & suture trainers!

Marc Pro (Booth #35)
Huntington Beach, CA
(855) 627-2776
Web Site: www.marcpro.com

Description: Marc Pro is a proven recovery tool designed to prevent and address minor recovery issues before they become significant. Portable and easy to use, it's like having an extra pair of hands in the training room.

Mass Heartbeat (Booth #21)
Hopkinton, MA 
(508) 259-5875
Web site: www.massheartbeat.com

Description: Mass Heartbeat is a mobile heart screening company that brings ECG testing directly to students at their school. Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death on high school campuses, yet most students don't have access to this testing which can prevent a potentially fatal incident.

Visit our booth to learn more about our convenient and affordable program, which will help to ensure the heart health of your students!

Massachusetts Amateur Sports Foundation-Bay State Games (Booth #37)
Medford, MA 
(781) 932-6555 
Web site: www.baystategames.org

Description: Bay State Games are the official state games of Massachusetts providing opportunities for thousands of athletes of all ages and abilities in over 30 sports. Bay State Games provides volunteer opportunities for certified athletic trainers and athletic training students through this annual summer program.

Medco Sports Medicine (Booth #4)
Amherst, NY
(800) 556-3326
Web Site: www.medco-athletics.com

Description: Medco Sports Medicine is an industry-leading provider of supplies and equipment to ATs and sports medicine professionals across the country. We offer the most comprehensive range of products and services available to help prevent injury and optimize recovery. Our product portfolio includes brand names such as Cramer, Theraband, Biofreeze, Johnson & Johnson, Mueller and Gatorade as well as economy brands such as Pro-Trainer. We offer CEU home study courses at no charge available on our website

36 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

MedPac Bags (Booth #40)
Eden Prairie, MN
(612) 709-1466
Web Site: www.medicalbags.com

Description: Manufacturing of the highest quality medical kits. We offer more than 20 different models, many in multiple colors. We warranty our products against material and manufacturing defects for 6 years. We have been providing the best service in the industry to Athletic Trainers since 1996.

Merrimack College School of Health Sciences (Booth #23)
North Andover, MA
(978) 837-5023
Web Site: www.merrimack.edu/academics/health-sciences/graduate/

Description: The School of Health Sciences at Merrimack College offers a number of Master of Science programs including Exercise and Sport Science, Health and Wellness Management, and Community Health Education. In addition, we have a large number of graduate fellowship positions for athletic trainers ranging from collegiate to high school level for a reduced tuition.

Mueller Sports Medicine (Booth #17)
Prairie du Sac, WI
(608) 643-8530
Web Site: www.muellersportsmed.com

Description: For over 50 years, Mueller Sports Medicine has stayed close to the changing needs of athletes, be they weekend warriors or international superstars. The mission never changes: Help athletes stay in the game and help them perform at their peak. We Are Sports Medicine®

45 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Multi Radiance (Booth #32)
Solon, OH
(440) 542-0761
Web Site: www.multiradiance.com/

Description: Multi Radiance manufactures FDA-cleared laser therapy devices. Our LaserStim™ allows the practitioner to identify the treatment area and automatically deliver the dose. Multi Radiance’s lasers are used by over 90 professional and college teams for managing injuries and maximizing recovery, and our lasers have been validated in-vitro, in-vivo, in laboratory trials, and in clinical trials. Cordless models for the clinic, or the field; anywhere treatment is needed.

Myobuddy Massager (Booth #25)
Chicago, IL
(844) 696-2833 x 703
Web Site: myobuddy.com

Description: The Myobuddy Massager® combines vibration, percussion and frictional heat for a professional strength massage. It helps increase the circulation through fascia and soft tissue to provide numerous fitness benefits such as: instant relief from soreness and pain, accelerated recovery, enhanced muscle performance and more.

NATA-Research and Education Foundation (Booth #45)
Carrollton, TX
(972) 532-8805
Web Site: www.natafoundation.org

Description: The NATA Research and Education Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA). The Foundation champions research, supports education, and enhances knowledge to optimize the clinical experience and outcomes within the diverse patient populations served by the athletic training profession.

New Leaf Pharmaceuticals (Booth #48)
Newtown, CT
(203) 270-4167
Web Site: www.newleafpharma.com

Description: Professional strength, pharmaceutical grade, FDA Registered CBD Topical treatment and sinus spray. Provides the highest rate of CBD absorption available, using broad spectrum nano-emulsion technology.

Parker Laboratories (Booth #2)
Fairfield, NJ
(973) 276-9500
Web Site: www.parkerlabs.com

Description: Parker Laboratories, Inc. leading manufacturer of medical ultrasound and electromedical contact media. Products include a NEW topical analgesic, Helix™Professional Pain Relief, cooling pain relief from our optimized formula, contains menthol (7.4%), arnica, ilex, and aloe…plus tangerine oil for a fresh citrus scent. Helix provides temporary relief from sore muscles and joints, arthritis and backache. Visit Booth #2 for a chance to win a supply of Helix valued at $450.

30 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Precision Athletic Training LLC (Booth #42)
Dunstable, MA
(978) 828-3625
Web Site: www.precisionat.com

Description: Precision Athletic Training LLC provides quality and convenient athletic training services in MA and BOC approved continuing education home studies NATIONWIDE. Come visit our booth to see what makes us the #1 per diem athletic training service in Massachusetts, learn about contract AT work and check out our affordable CEU options.

PROTEAM by Hausmann (Booth #3)
Northvale, NJ
(201) 767-0255
Web Site: www.proteamtables.com

Description: PROTEAM™ by Hausmann, a Dynatronics® brand, has been the choice of athletic trainers for athletic training room furnishings for nearly 20 years. PROTEAM™ products feature durable, maintenance-free laminate surfaces, high-density foam tops and Pro-Form vinyl for high-volume settings. From taping stations and treatment tables to stools, carts, and cabinets, PROTEAM™ has been the market leader, backed by over 65 years of manufacturing expertise. Why is PROTEAM™ the leading choice…because athletic trainers do care.

RP Sports/ Recovery Pump (Booth #13)
Glen Mills, PA
(484) 840-5010
Web Site: www.rpsports.com

Description: RP Sports provides innovative sports technologies that expedite recovery, boost performance, maximize rehab & promote injury prevention. We are proud to support the success of the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and MLS championship teams as well as leading collegiate programs, triathlete champions and elite athletes from every sport imaginable by pioneering the safest & most effective tools on the market.

School Health Sports Medicine (Booth #16)
Rolling Meadows, IL
(866) 323-5465
Web Site: www.schoolhealth.com

Description: Formerly known as Sports Health, we serve athletic trainers by providing superior product selection, personalized service, and cost effective solutions. As part of the School Health family, we deliver an exceptional customer experience so you can support the health of your student-athletes and enable them to perform to the best of their abilities.

44 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Sports Emergency Medical Responder (Booth #27)
Malvern, PA
(410) 430-4560
Web Site: sportsemr.com

Description: Sports Emergency Medical Responders have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide immediate lifesaving interventions while awaiting additional EMS resources to arrive. This training provides participants the skills and confidence required to perform advanced sideline lifesaving care to critically ill athletes. This evidence-informed, hybrid online/in-person course provides the necessary tools to handle sideline traumatic emergencies. This course is approved for 45 CEUs and issues a Red Cross EMR certification

Sports Medicine Concept (Booth #20)
Livonia, NY
(585) 346-0240
Web Site: sportsmedicineconcepts.com

Description: Since 1995 Sports Medicine Concepts has been called upon to provide elite sports emergency care training and emergency action planning for the most demanding medical teams. Visit us to learn more about our |FLAWLESS| Suite of Services that will help prepare your medical team to respond flawlessly.

St. Luke's University Health Network (Booth #12)
Bethlehem, PA
(484) 526-7609

Description: St. Luke's University Health Network is the Lehigh Valley Region's leading provider of Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Service. St. Luke's employs more than 150 athletic trainers who work in the Collegiate, Secondary School, Industrial and Physician Practice settings. St. Luke's earned recognition as having the first CAATE Accredited Athletic Training Residency in both PA and NJ. Highly integrated with the Temple-St. Luke's Medical School, St. Luke's provides tremendous opportunities for both novice and experienced ATs! #@mystlukes

The Feel Good Lab (Booth #24)
New Haven, CT
(310) 795-9936
Website: www.thefeelgoodlab.com

Description: The Feel Good Lab makes all-natural topical pain relief products for muscle soreness and joint pain. Products feature only clean, functional ingredients like Arnica, Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Boswellia, and many more.

Thrive Tape, Inc. (Booth #46)
Melrose, MA
(781) 248-8666
Website: Thrivetape.com

Description: Thrive "Far Infrared" Kinesiology Tape is designed to facilitate targeted pain relief, faster recovery, and can be used on most common injuries. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for consumers of all age groups by decreasing or eliminating muscle soreness, strain and pain, improving athletic performance, addressing everyday aches and pains, and helping older adults cope with age-related physical issues.

Troy Healthcare, LLC. (Booth #14)
Hazleton, PA
(570) 453-5252
Web Site: www.StopainClinical.com

Description: Stopain Clinical Topical Pain Relieving Products Stopain Clinical Migraine & Headache Topical Pain Relief

UBMD Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine (Booth #10)
Cheektowaga, NY
(716) 829-6123
Website: ubortho.com

Description: WNY's largest orthopaedic group offering various services within the sports medicine/orthopaedic field. We are currently seeking and hiring additional Athletic Trainers.

United Sports Brands (Booth #41)
Fountain Valley, CA
(657) 383-4415
Website: www.unitedspb.com

Description: Shock Doctor owns the most mouthguard patents in the world, which have helped generate more than 75 million units sold, achieving status as the #1 Mouthguard in the World. McDavid’s creation and evolution of the SportMed category helps players of all sports get back in the game—and its best of class, patented HEX protective helps them stay in the game. Cutters gloves lineup of championship-winning football gloves with unsurpassed grip technology.