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Last Updated: 10/23/21


EATA Sponsorship Opportunities

Adriana International Inc. Brand
Wallingford, CT
(860) 805-7259
Web Site: iceu.com

Description: Adriana International Inc. Brand is composed of Athletic Trainer Solutions (ATS) http://athletictrainersolutions.com/index.htm ICEU, LLC https://iceu.com/ and Innovative Hires, LLC www.innovativehires.com The Adriana International Inc. Brand offers direct hire placement services for athletic trainers, other health care providers and beyond. ICEU, LLC offers educational entrepreneur opportunity to sell their knowledge as well as organization/businesses to offer hybrid, on-demand, virtual conference/trade show and live stream events. ATS, since 2007 assigns per-diem AT coverage all over Connecticut. Stop by our booth at EATA to learn more!

Bob McCloskey Insurance
Morganville, NJ
(800) 445-3126
Web Site: www.bobmccloskey.com

Description: Bob McCloskey Insurance specializes in providing a wide range of insurance solutions to the education sector including colleges & universities as well as private and public K-12 schools. We also provide insurance programs for camps, youth and adult leagues, churches, national associations and non-profit organizations. If you have a risk that requires accident insurance, we can provide a solution.

Collins Sports Medicine
Raynham, MA
(800) 886-2825
Web Site: www.collinssportsmed.com

Description: Collins Sports Medicine is a family owned and operated distributor of sports medicine, athletic training, strength & conditioning and nursing supplies. Founded on the principals of superior customer service and an unwavering commitment to quality, Collins has become an invaluable partner to athletic trainers and health care professionals in a variety of settings. Collins has also become an expert resource in the area of facility design services. Whether you are building a new facility or revising an existing one, Collins can help you get the most out of your dollars and space.

30 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Stoughton, MA
(781) 297-2034
Web Site: www.csmisolutions.com

Description: SportsWareOnLine by CSMi is a secure, web-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software specifically designed for athletic trainers. High School, College, Outreach, and Professional Athletic Trainers are managing over 3.5 million athletes, 5.8 million injuries and 20 million treatments in SportsWareOnLine. Computer Sports Medicine, inc (CSMi) has specialized in designing and manufacturing computer-based measurement, training, & documentation products for Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists and Exercise Science since 1982.

Grimm Scientific Industries, Inc.
Marietta, OH
(740) 509-3403
Web Site: www.grimmscientific.com

Description: We simplify the way you deliver hydrotherapy to your athletes with easy to use systems that look great and are built to last, because every athlete deserves the ultimate recovery experience.

Medco Sports Medicine
Amherst, NY
(800) 556-3326
Web Site: www.medco-athletics.com

Description: Medco Sports Medicine is the most comprehensive supplier for Athletic Trainers. Helping you and your athletes feel good, perform better, and live great! Supporting Athletic Trainers for over 60+ years with supplies both on & off the field. All your Athletic Training needs, in one place. Shop Medco’s huge selection of rehab products, Athletic Training Room supplies, & more to keep athletes at peak performance.

38 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Moravian College
Bethlehem, PA
(610) 625-7716
Web Site: www.moravian.edu/rehab/dat

Description: Be part of a professional doctoral program that focuses on the development of clinical experts in the field of athletic training. You'll graduate with advanced knowledge and skills for analyzing, developing, and implementing practical solutions that improve both your delivery of top-notch care and your results. Moravian University is proud to be the first DAT program to offer a DAT-MBA dual degree. A DAT-MBA encourages interdisciplinary reflection and learning that are essential for athletic training in leadership roles in health care. For more information: Student Experience Mentor: Angelo Lambroschino, M.A. (LambroschinoA@moravian.edu)

NATA-Research and Education Foundation
Carrollton, TX
(800) 879-6282
Web Site: www.natafoundation.org

Description: The NATA Research and Education Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA). The Foundation champions research, supports education, and enhances knowledge to optimize the clinical experience and outcomes within the diverse patient populations served by the athletic training profession.

Pivot Sports Medicine
Towson, MD
(410) 885-4641
Web Site: www.pivotphysicaltherapy.com/service/athletic-training

Description: Pivot Sports Medicine is the mid-Atlantic's premier provider of athletic training and sports medicine services. Our team of passionate and dedicated athletic trainers-- in partnership with over 120 youth, high school, collegiate and professional programs in six states-- works with student-athletes, physicians, physical therapists, coaches, and parents to provide the highest quality, comprehensive care from the sidelines to the clinic. Pivot’s team of Athletic Trainers are licensed health care providers who are highly competent and knowledgeable about all types of sports injuries.

School Health Sports Medicine
Rolling Meadows, IL
(866) 323-5465
Web Site: www.schoolhealth.com

Description: Formerly known as Sports Health, we serve sports medicine professionals in the high school, collegiate, and professional settings by providing superior product selection from leading brands for quality solutions you can depend on to provide the best care. Our collection of athletic training and sports medicine supplies covers the entire scope of possible needs for both you and your athletes.

45 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Sports Emergency Medical Responder
Malvern, PA
(410) 430-4560
Web Site: www.Sportsfirstresponder.com

Description: Sports Emergency Medical Responders (SEMRs) have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide immediate lifesaving interventions while awaiting additional EMS resources to arrive. The SEMR training gives the participants the skills and confidence required to perform immediate sideline lifesaving care to critically ill athletes. This evidence-based, hybrid (online and 2-days in-person) course provides the necessary tools for the sports medicine professional to handle sideline traumatic emergencies. This course meets and exceeds the requirements set by the National EMS Education Scope of Practice for an Emergency Medical Responder.

Lexington, KY
(732) 597-8415
Web Site: www.synaptek.io

Description: Synaptek is the concussion management solution you’ve been looking for. Our intuitive, mobile-first platform gives you concussion testing and documentation at your fingertips. Say goodbye to using pen and paper or that clunky outdated EMR for concussion management. Synaptek saves you time, improves communication, and helps you make more informed and documented clinical decisions. Start spending more time on athlete well-being, and less time doing admin work. Stop by our booth and see what you've been missing!