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Last Updated: September 19, 2018

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EATA Sponsorship Opportunities

AEK Educaitonal Seminars LLC
Malvern, PA
(410) 430-4560

Description: Sport-specific Emergency medical responder course approved by the red cross

Andover Healthcare, Inc.
Salisbury, MA
(978) 465-0044    
Web Site: www.andoverhealthcare.com

Description: Andover Healthcare, Inc. has been a leading USA manufacturer of bandages & tapes for over 40 years, supplying the sports medicine market with high quality products. Committed to innovative technology, our athletic line includes: PowerFlex, PowerPro, PowerTape, PowerFlex AFD, PowerSpeed, PowerFAST & VictoryTape! Visit us at EATA to check out PowerPro, our revolutionary adhesive tape with no stretch, PowerFlex Glitter, PowerFlex AFD the one-stop blood bandage & the rest of our line!

36 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Arrowhead Athletics 
Andover, MA
(978) 470-1760
Web Site: www.aatape.com

Description: Arrowhead Athletics is a US based athletic tape manufacturer. Our high quality adhesive and cohesive tapes and prewrap are manufacturer in our FDA registered facility in Andover, MA.

Athletic Trainer System
Grove City, PA
(724) 458-5289
Web Site:www.athletictrainersystem.com

Description: Software for Athletic Trainers

Biodex Medical Systems Inc 
Shirley, NY
(631) 924-9000
Web Site: www.biodex.com

Description: Protect your athletes. Biodex technology is used to manage specific sports injuries. Assessing effects of balance for concussion management is performed using the NEW Balance System™ SD or NEW portable BioSway™. Objective data supports return-to-play decisions. The Biodex System 4 Multi-Joint Dynamometer offers an attachment for lengthened-state hamstring. Software quantifies an athlete’s propensity for injury/reinjury. The System 4 also performs athlete-tested protocols to reduce ACL reinjury.

Cramer Products, Inc
Gardner, KS
(923) 856-6751
Web Site: www.cramersportsmed.com

Description: Cramer Products carries a complete line of athletic training supplies including: athletic tape, underwrap, braces, cold therapy, first aid supplies, AT kits and hydration units. Everything you need in one booth!

47 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

Foot Management Inc
Pittsville, MD
(410) 835-3668     
Web Site: www.footmanagement.com

Description: Foot Management has manufactured custom made foot orthotics for 40 years. We handcraft a
variety of orthotics for superior comfort and fit. Orthotics are made from your foam impression,
slipper cast, or a laser foot scan. Foot Management maintains your casts for 5 years. We carry
Turf Toe® plates as well as prefabricated insoles, silicone heel lifts, moleskin, AquaTemps® and
an assortment of foot pads. If it’s for the foot think…FOOT MANAGEMENT!!!

iStrike by AnythingWeather
Palm Desert, CA
(760) 459-2079
Web Site: http://www.istrikealerts.com/

Description: iStrike Alerts by AnythingWeather offers a comprehensive and customizable lightning alerting solution for schools. Accurate, affordable and superior customer service makes iStrike a must-have for any school's weather action plan. With email/SMS alerts and sirens, iStrike provides everything a school needs to be informed during severe storms.

School Health/Sports Medicone 
Hanover Park, IL
(866) 323-5465
Web Site: www.schoolhealth.com

Description: Formerly known as Sports Health, we serve athletic trainers by providing superior product selection, personalized service, and cost effective solutions. As part of the School Health family, we deliver an exceptional customer experience so you can support the health of your student-athletes and enable them to perform to the best of their abilities.

43 Years as an EATA Exhibitor!

St. Luke's University Health Network
Bethlehem, PA
(484) 526-7609

Description: St. Luke's University Health Network Sports Medicine St. Luke’s is the largest provider of sports medicine services in the Greater Lehigh Valley region, and we offer the most comprehensive and advanced treatment for athletic injuries. We are committed to caring for athletes and other physically active individuals with a true team approach. We will be recruiting individuals interested in full-time athletic training positions, residents and others.

SwimEx Inc.
Fall River, MA
(508) 646-1600
Web Site: www.swimex.com

Description: Chosen around the world as the best in hydrotherapy, SwimEx has been a leader in the aquatic industry since 1986. SwimEx hydrotherapy pools and plunge pools are used to achieve positive outcomes in rehabilitation, recovery, and exercise. Easy to maintain and built to last, product features include superior water current systems, solid fiberglass construction, varied interior layouts, and custom options to meet client requirements. It's not just about the water, it’s about superior hydrotherapy for life.

Tekscan, Inc
South Boston, MA
(617) 464-4500

Description: Tekscan is a leader in manufacturing pressure and force sensors. With an estimated 4-5 million concussions occurring annually nationwide Tekscan recognized the need for a reliable, validated return-to-play solution utilizing standardized protocols and tests essential in protecting the health of athletes. SportsAT™ Software was developed to provide quick and easy concussion analysis utilizing two industry standard protocols: Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) and Sports Concussion Assessment Tool.