About Our History

In January of 1949, the first meeting of athletic trainers in the northeastern part of the United States was held. It was attended by professionals who were brought together through the sponsorship of Dr. S.E. Bilik of Bellevue Hospital in New York City and the effort of Tom Sheehan of Renssaler Polytechnical Institute. This group was acquainted with each other through football competition. The purpose of this meeting was entirely social, providing for a free exchange of ideas in an informal, friendly environment. The attending members chose to call the new organization the Eastern Athletic Trainers' Association.

In June 1950, the National Athletic Trainers' Association, Inc. (NATA) was founded as a non-profit organization. Regional districts were established by the national governing body. The six New England states were designated as District 1, and Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, together comprised District 2.

Today, the EATA serves as an umbrella organization that encompasses NATA Districts 1 and 2. All NATA members that reside within these geographic boundaries are automatically members of the EATA. There are no dues required for being an EATA member. The EATA has continued to grow and hold a joint district meeting on a annual basis. No other Districts work as closely together or have the history of the EATA. The EATA was incorporated in Massachusetts in 1988. The EATA, District 1 and 2 also provide for student scholarships and support research in the field of Athletic Training.

Conference and Convention History

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Decade of the 50's

53 Philadelphia 
NATA dues $2.00
EATA dues $2.00
Attendance 65
It is noted that Athletic Trainers and Medical Doctors are in a clinical setting performing rehab. 
"Be Better Trainers"
"Better Training Conditions"
"All major High Schools employ "qualified" Trainers"

54 NYC
Pinky Newell is appointed by NATA to investigate the possibility of NATA being admitted to one of the accredited medical associations
Decision is made to increase the number of exhibitors in order to decrease expenses

55 Boston 
Conference held at Hotel Kenmore
Lloyd Jordan, Head Football Coach at Harvard gives dinner speech
Presentation: The value of X-rays in Athletic Injuries given by Edward O'Donnell
14 Exhibitors


57 Philadelphia
First time a "program director" is identified - Frank Weichec
Treatment protocol prescribed: 
Color Slide presentation Bill Linskey: "You get out of your organization only what you put into it." 
Meetings were planned in January during mid-year exams. There were no athletic events scheduled during this time. 

58 NYC
Exhibitors include: J & J, Cramer, Bike, Conco Surgical and Athletic Trainers Supply Company
10 total exhibitors
Dr. S.E. Bilik is the dinner speaker
Presentation: A New Technique in The Making of Mouthpieces by George King, Head AT from the University of Buffalo

59 Boston
President is Howard Waite, Secretary Bill Linskey
9 Exhibitors
Joseph Zabilski, Head Football Coach from Northeastern gives dinner speech
Seminar: Injuries to the Pelvic Area
Presentation: The Use of Physical Therapy Apparatus in the Rehabilitation of The Athlete

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Dcade of the 60's
60 Pittsburgh
Proceedings of meetings audio taped and sent to all attendees. The attendees names were listed in the Newsletter
Speakers used blackboards for presentations. 
Presentation on "Effects of Vigorous Physical Activity on the Heart and Arteries"
89 attendants
24 exhibits

61 NYC

62 Boston
Presentations on epilepsy, diabetes, and use of novacaine in athletes

63 Philadelphia
Presentation on "Enzymes as an Aid to Treatment"

64 NYC
Presentation of "Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation-Current Method
Presentation & Demonstration"
139 attendants
List announced of 24 names compiled of men who were active as Athletic Trainers during the period of 1900-1950. 

65 Boston
Presentations on "The Legal Implications of Training " and "The Status of the Athletic Trainer with AMA".
Voted to raise dues from $2.00 to $4.00
Financial Report: $472.25
Hotel Room Rates: 
Single $10-$20
Double $16-$24
3 Room Suite $30-$50

66 Pittsburgh
Presentation on the "Role of Trainers in the Olympic Games"
Fin. Report: $913.66
133 attendants
1st Cramer Award - Bill Linskey Cambridge (MA) Schools

67 NYC
Presentation on "The Use of Oxygen in Athletes"
Fin. Report $1568.35
Annual meeting registration fee instated = $2.00. 
Motion was made and defeated to waive the registration fee for those who were current in their EATA dues payment. 
Richard Wargo suggested that the EATA should go on record as recommending that no spearing be allowed by our Football squads. 
160 registrants
The Nov 67 Newsletter welcomes Miss Doris A. Wickel of Clara Mass Memorial Hospital to the EATA. This is the first mention of a female member of the EATA. 

68 Boston
Presentation on "Cryokinetics: The New Approach to Athletic Injuries"
Fin. report: $1580.88
June 68 Newsletter features testamonial to Eddie Zanfrini (Princeton) who had recently retired. 

69 Philadelphia
Presentation on "Thermography as a Diagnostic Tool" and "Weight Training in Basketball. Differentiation made between Weight Training and Weight Lifting." 
Fin. report $2166.12

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Decade of the 70's
70 Grossingers Resort in Liberty, NY
Presentation: Drugs in Athletics
Boston Partriots Physician, Dr, Nault, spone on "Cardiac and Respiratory Problems"
Square dancing was offered as entertainment. Cramer Sponsored the dance and cowboy gear

71 Grossingers
Presentation: "Cortisone - for Knee Ligaments - Strain & Hip Pointers"
Presentation: "The Importance of Head Protection for Ice Hockey Players"
Midnight swimming is available
22 Exhibitors
All-Star Entertainment and Dancing offered each night
J&J hosts welcome cocktail party (dress formal)

72 Grossingers
NATA assets = $2,000.00

73 Grossingers
First student workshop held during business meeting
TV programs: an episode which promoted ATC's in the high schools. Bill Linskey, Dick Kazmaier (Kendall Company) and Dr. James Nicholas appear speaking about athletic training. 

74 Hyannis, MA 
Clambake and Monte Carlo during convention
Entertaining and Dancing promoted! 
Exhibit fee $75.00
Attendance 250-275
First pre-registration for meeting

75 Playboy Club, Great Gorge, NJ
Financial report $2,986.87

76 Nevele Country Club, Ellenville, NY
Linda Treadway is the first female speaker at EATA 
Fin. report $3221.83

77 Grossingers
Fin. report $1888.24

78 Grossingers
CPR offered for $1.00

79 Grossingers
By-laws changed
Fin. report $8,392.23

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Decade of the 80's
80 New Haven CT
569 attendants
NATA District 1 membership = 646
NATA District 2 membership = 1386
American Athletic Trainers' Association spoken of during Business Mtg. Constitution and By-Laws distributed with amendments
First mention of athletic trainers working in medical clinics and /or treating the general public. (The debate begins!) This was mentioned by Hal Biggs and Jack Baynes. 
Six Virginia physicians were reprimanded for hiring athletic trainers to perform physical therapy in clinics. 

81 Grossingers
All previous attendance records surpassed! 
Financial report $13,654.82
Joe Abraham, Secretary/Treasurer, promises not to fall out of his chair again. 

82 Grossingers
Approval to increase dues from $6.00 to $10.00
By-Laws amended 
District Director representation At BOC
NATA "inactive" status discussed in minutes
Placement Committee Hot Line started
NATA assets $300,000

83 Grossingers
Discussion on requiring a part of the registration fee going toward scholarship funds. This became a recommendation. 
From the Board of Directors notes: 
National Commission for Health Commission for Health Certifying Agencies granted NATA conditional Class A status. 
Talk of using Cable Health Network to promote athletic training. 
NATA is asked to participate in the American Red Cross implemented Sports Injury teaching program. 
NATA dues increased from $25 to $75
District 1 and 2 dues are $10.00
District 2 expenses are $2,464.00

84 Grossingers
Manual Muscle Testing Workshop 
Lectures on Soft Tissue Evaluation
First Micro-Biomedics Award presented to Chuck Demers, Deerfield (MA) Academy

85 Grossingers 
Registration fee is $13.00

86 Grossingers
Executive Committee evaluates District 1 and District 2 and compares them to other Districts. 
First Pinky Newell Address given by Dr. Loyal Combs. 

87 Kutchers' Country Club, Monticello, NY
Over 100 exhibits
Dr. Stanley Hoppenfeld gives the Pinky Newell Address

88 Kutchers 
EATA is incorporated in the state of Massachusetts. 
3346 membership
846 attendance

89 Kutchers'

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Decade of the 90's
90 Kutchers' 
Party Dolls perform for first time. They are a BIG HIT! The EATA's and NATA's most respectable members are among those "getting down"!
Acct. balance: 
Operating balance $15,581
Research $8,718.54

91 Kutchers' 
Party Dolls perform again
Sept 91 - 4,057 EATA members
Registrants = 1,077

92 Boston Marriott
First meeting in a large city hotel after over 10 years of Catskills setting. 
Financial reorganization of funds between EATA, District 1, and District 2. 
Scholarship and Research accounts of EATA remain unchanged. 
EATA working account split in 3 ways. 
June 1992- Alan Smith, NATA Executive Director resigns his duties. 
There are financial improprieties in question. 
New EATA fiscal year adopted: July 1 through June 30. 
Registration = 1,261

93 Boston 
EATA members elect first female president Margie King, Therafit PT
Last year of Newsletter publication

94 Philadelphia
EATA stops serving free alcohol at EATA sponsored receptions
Live ACL reconstructive surgery performed at Temple U.and telecast during convention. 

95 Philadelphia
Executive committee considers hiring a convention management company to help run the converntion. 
Registration = 1,240
Scholarship program has given out 75 Scholarships in 15 years totaling $58,000 to 51 winners from District 2 and 24 from District 1. 

96 Boston
Account Balances: 
Working acct: $63,200
Scholarship: $66,875
Research: $29,478
New By-Laws voted on and passed by membership
New EATa logo considered by executive committee
Convention registration fees increase from $60 to $85. 

97 Boston
EATA purchased two laptop computers for the Registration chair and the President-Elect. 

98 Buffalo
Certified athletic trainers and Physiotherapists from Canada will attend and present. 
50th anniversary of the formation of the EATA is celebrated.

99 Boston
Approx. 1000 attendees 
Duffy runs meeting; Zappala President
Marriott and Heinz Convention Center
Web site committee formed

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Decade of 2000
2000 Philadelphia
Approx. 900 attendees
NATABOC Examiner workshop
Duffy President

01 Providence
Approx 900 attendees
Used convention center
First Research to Reality lecture

02 Boston
Just short of record attendance
Lumbar spine dissection on-site
First year for on- line registration (320 people register on line)
First on- line voting for EATA officers

03 Boston
First time for on- site credit card registration
Bylaw change that no EATA officer can hold another office outside of the EATA
650 people register on-line

04 Philadelphia
Close to record number of attendees for Philadelphia 934
Entire Program put on CD and given to membership
Jeff Ryan from the NATABOC gives Pinky Newell Address
Trip to Philadelphia Eages Athletic Training Facility
Pool Therapy workshop offered
Dr. Catherine O'Connor becomes the first female to win Moyer Award 
680 people register on-line

05 Boston
1034 attendees 
A cumulative CD Index developed. Contains 04 and 05 Index of presentations 
2005 EATA meeting was the first to offer presentations with information designated by the BOC domains 
EATA Daily News distributed throughout the convention 
Daily convention pocket planner distributed 
727 people register on-line 
Peter Koehneke gives Pinky Newell Address

06 Philadelphia 
Dr. Marjie King delivers the 2006 Pinky Newell Address
Student delegation is created in 2006; student administration of full day program at the annual meeting designed by and for the students to begin at the 2007 meeting
First annual EATA Presidential Recognition award given to Bob O'Malley
Meeting held at Wyndham hotel in Philadelphia

07 Boston
Meeting held at Boston Copley Marriott
Charlie Redmond from Springfield College gives Pinky Newell Address
Special Tour of Body Worlds Exhibit at Science Museum
Exhibit Hall sells out 
Dr. Margot Putakian from Princeton accepts Moyer Award
Joe Camillone from TCNJ accepts Presidential Award
Comedian brought in following banquet for entertainment

08 Valley Forge, PA
Meeting held at Valley Forge Convention Center
First time at Valley Forge
60th Anniversary of the EATA
Joseph Iezzi from Downingtown HS gives Pinky Newell Address
Record numbers for Philadelphia area convention attend. Pre-registration: 1046 people
Dr. Levandowski accepts Moyer Award
Party Dolls once again performed after the banquet

09 Boston
Meeting held at Boston Copley Marriott
Kent Scriber from Ithaca College gives Pinky Newell Address
Credit Cards now accepted for on-site registration
A total of 1,234 people registered for convention
Wii Rehab Workshop a big success

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Decade of 2010
10 Boston
Second consecutive year at the Copley Marriott Boston
Broke attendance record with 1,250
380 attended the Student Program
Pinky Newell Address given by Steve Bair from Overbrook Senior High School NJ
Dr. Gary Dorshimer receives the Moyer Award
Collins Party a big success with DJ Dan McCarthy

11 Philadelphia
Meeting held at the downtown Philadelphia Loews Hotel
Total Attendance was 1,059 with 310 Students
Exhibit Hall sold-out!
Michael Goldenberg gives Pinky Newell Address on Volunteerism using a power pt presentation
Dr. Pierre d'Hemecourt from Children's Hospital, Boston receives Moyer Award
Cramer Award winner Paula Turocy
Henry Schein/MBM Award winner Frank Mastrangelo

12 Boston
Meeting held at Westin Hotel
Tim Sensor gives Pinky Newell Address
Dr. Robert Waskowitz receives Moyer Award
Cramer Award winner Jeff Stone
Henry Schein/MBM Award winner Amy Blansfield

13 Buffalo
65th Anniversary
Meeting held at Buffalo Niagara Convention Center & Hyatt Hotel
Charlie Thompson gives Pinky Newell Address
Dr. Robert Leddy receives Moyer Award
Mike Goldenberg is presented with the Cramer Award
Denise Alosa receives the Henry Schein/MBM Award
EATA hosts community targeted Western NY Head Injury Seminar - 300 + attend
765 attendees, 265 students
First International Quiz Bowl - Canadian Team Wins

14 Mashantucket, CT
Meeting held at Foxwoods Resort and Casino
Kathleen Laquale gives Pinky Newell Address
Dr. Jeffery Anderson receives Moyer Award
Linda Levy is presented with the Cramer Award
William VonLeer receives the Henry Schein/MBM Award
55 Exhibit Booths
1400 Attendees- New Record
735 Attended Banquet-New Record 

15 Philadelphia, PA
Meeting was held at the Loews Hotel
Scott Devore receives the Henry Schein Award
Bob Ward received the Cramer Award
Dr. William Dexter receives the Moyer Award
Neil Curtis receives the President's Award 
Paula Sammarone Turocy gives Pinky Newell Address
1484 Attendees- New Record
48 Exhibit Booths 
EBP Offered: General Session-4, Workshop-2 

16 Boston, MA
Meeting was held at the Sheraton Boston Hotel
Michael Prybicien receives the Henry Schein Award
Kathy Pirog received the Cramer Award
Dr Robert Franks receives the Moyer Award
Kim Lyons receives that President's Award
Paul Ullucci gives Pinky Newell Address
1700 Attendees- New Record
EBP Offered: General Session-6, Workshop-2

17 Philadelphia, PA
Meeting was held at the Loews Hotel
New EATA Hall of Fame ('49 Club) Established 
John Moyer receives the Henry Schein Award
John Furtado received the Cramer Award
Dr John Kelly receives the Moyer Award
Steve Nemes receives that President's Award
Jim Thornton gives Pinky Newell Address
1480 Attendees

18 Boston, MA
Meeting was held at the Sheraton Hotel
New EATA Convention App launched
Mark Cherwony receives the Henry Schein Award
Deanna Errico received the Cramer Award
Dr. Brian Busconi receives the Moyer Award
Wally Collins receives that President's Award
Mark Smaha gives Pinky Newell Address as a stand along talk to a full house
1500 Attendees despite 250 cancellations due to a snow storm

19 Valley Forge, PA
Meeting was held at the Valley Forge Casino and Resort
EATA Convention App used to message attendees and for questions and answers after presentation
John Moyer and James Thornton inducted into the EATA 49 Club
Eric Nussbaum receives the Henry Schein Award
Kathleen Laquale received the Cramer Award
Dr. Charles J. Gatt, Jr receives the Moyer Award
Michael Goldenberg receives that President's Award
Kevin Guskiewicz gives Pinky Newell Address
GLATA Exhchange lectures a big success
1200 Attendees

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Decade of 2020
20 Mashantucket, CT
Meeting held at Foxwoods Resort and Casino
Pre Conference Summit: Emergency Care Summit and Educators Conference
Denise Fandel gives Pinky Newell Address to a full room outside the banquet program
Thomas Kaminski and Linda Meyer inducted into the EATA 49 Club
Dr. Christopher Nasin from URI receives Moyer Award
Cramer award changed to the Excellence in Leadeership Award Given in Honor of Charles and Frank Cramer
Robb Rehberg received the Excellence in Leadership Award
Mary Cardarelli receives the Henry Schein Award
53 Exhibit Booths
1248 Attendees

21 Atlantic City, NJ- Changed to a Virtual Conference (V-EATA)
Meeting changed to an all virtual platform because of the COVID -19 Pandemic
Used Cvent’s Virtual Attendee Hub as the virtual platform
1986 Total individuals registered, including, speakers, exhibitors and exhibitor staff for the virtual weekend
1,579 Athletic trainers participated
352 Student participants
20 Virtual Exhibit Booths
Program left on-demand until February 11th
80 ATs register during the on-demand period
Mark Laursen gives William “Pinky” Newel Address
Other awards suspended for a year

22 Mashantucket, CT
Meeting held at Foxwoods Resort and Casino
First in person district meeting in the country since 2020
Pre-registration numbers down due to the Pandemic
COVID's Omicron varient hits the northeast about 3 weeks before conference which causes a record number of last minute cancellations
A snow storm dumps 10 inches of snow in the surrounding area on the first day of the conference
Cvent's OnArrival app used to check people in at registration
721 people download the conference app
Educators' Summit held before conference
Jeff Stone gives Pinky Newell Address
AJ Duffy III and Robb Rehberg inducted into the EATA 49 Club
Dr. Jeanne Doperak from UPitt receives Moyer Award
Timothy Weston received the Excellence in Leadership Award
Christina Emrich receives the Excellence in Secondary School Athletic Training Award
George Thrush from Cvent receives the President's Award
45 Exhibit Booths
903 total registrants including guests and exhibitors (Three ATs from Texas attendeed the meeting)
645 attendees out of 764 ATs and students registered make it to the conference

23 Boston, MA
75th Celebration!
Meeting held at Westin Seaport Hotel.  First time at this hotel
75th celebration included a Walk Down Memory Lane exhibit, Tailgate party on Sunday at Kings Dining & Entertainment, Games such as a cornhole tournament played during registration and the band Ripcord played at the Collins Party
All attendees received the Book of Memories celebrating EATA history
Tim Weston and David Csillan host a panel discussion about the history of EATA in place of the Pinky Newell Address
Don Bagnall, Larry Cooper, Neil Curtis, Julie Ramsey Emrhein and Greg Janik inducted into the EATA 49 Club
Dr. Kelly McInnis from Mass General receives Moyer Award and gives an inspiring acceptance speech
M. Susan Guyer received the Excellence in Leadership Award
Amy Wiggins receives the Excellence in Secondary School Athletic Training Award
Graphic designer Alison Savoia receives the President's Award
Exhibit hall maxed out with 46 Exhibit Booths
1101 total registrants including guests and exhibitors

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