Student Information

  • President- Stephanie Toubman
  • Secretary-Abigail Verbeke
  • Treasurer- Kaylee Contreras
  • Student Program- Journye MacDonald
  • Student Webmaster-TBA
  • NATA Rep. Liaison-TBA

  • Download Nomination Application (MS Word)


District 1


District 2


Anthony Berardo (2023)
University of Connecticut





Justeen Gordon (2023) 
University of Delaware



Michelle Barr (2023)
University of New England

New Jersey

Taylor Garron (2023)
Rowan University  


Thomas Nye (2022)
Endicott College

New York

Journye MacDonald (2022)
Ithaca College

New Hampshire


Jennifer Hollis (2023)
Colby-Sawyer College


New York

Gabriella Fernandes (2023)
Stony Brook University

Rhode Island

Kaylee Contreras (2022)
Lasell University


Miranda Garris (2023)
Gannon University




Stephanie Toubman (2022)
Castleton University


Abigail Verbeke (2022)
West Chester University


Delegation Advisors
Rachel Geoghegan, ATC, MHRD

Timothy Tourville, PhD, ATC, CSCS


Download Nomination Application (MS Word)


James Thornton

  The James L. Thornton Keynote Address is to be presented by “an individual who fosters education of students, as well as the public, and represents the athletic training profession in a positive manner."


2022 Presenter
Linda Levy


Past Recipients
2012- James Thornton
2013- Michael Goldenberg
2014- Diane Sartanowicz
2015- Charles Thompson
2016- Joe Iezzi
2017- J. Timothy Sensor
2018- Timothy Weston
2019- Tory Lindley
2020- Jaclyn Morrissette
202- Kathy Dieringer
2022- Linda Levy

Jeffrey Stone

  The Student Delegation would like to honor Jeffrey Stone, who while District 1 Director, was pivotal in the establishment and success of the EATA Student Delegation.  Jeffrey Stone is known for his “service above self” and as a result, there will be the “Jeffrey Stone Service Award” that is to be presented during the Annual EATA Conference – Student Program.  The criteria of the recipient is “an individual who has dedicated their life to the service of students, the community, and our association, and represents the athletic training profession in a positive manner”



2022 Recipient
Marjorie King


Past Recipients
2013- Jeffrey Stone
2014- Greg Janik
2015- Joe Iezzi 
2016- Michael Goldenberg
2017- Paula Turocy
2018- John Davis
2019- Jennifer Brodeur
2020- Mary Mundrane-Zweiacher
2021- Matthew Gerken
2022- Marjorie King

The student taping contest is held in conjunction with the EATA Convention on the eve of the student program. Is is run by the EATA Student Delegation and all schools with an accredidated athletic training education program are eligible. Please contact the student delegation for more information.

Contest Rules


The EATA Quiz Bowl is a Jeopardy style competition for NATA student members from a CAATE approved professional level athletic training program. The students compete for a District Quiz Bowl trophy and the top three winners will represent their District at the NATA Quiz Bowl comeptition at the national convention.

Each Athletic Training Program within the EATA can nominate ONE athletic training student to participate. The responsibility for selecting the school's student representative is placed on the AT Program Director and program faculty.  For a student to be eligible, the participant must be non-certified from a CAATE recognized professional undergraduate or graduate program, and be a member of the NATA.

The winner of District 1 receives the Joe Altott Bowl. This is a traveling trophy on which the first place finisher’s name will be displayed.
The winner of District 2 receives the Michael Goldenberg Bowl. This is a traveling trophy on which the first place finisher’s name will be displayed.

2022 Winners

District 1
Jordan Hines (Lasell University)
Stephanie Toubman (Casleton University)
Meg Lander (University of Maine)

District 2
Megan McQueen (Duquesne University)
Adam Yuan (Kings College)
Miranda Zito (University of Pittsburgh) 


Past Winners

District 1
Michael Tanguay (Springfield College)  
Ali Serrani (Plymouth State University)  
Matt Carlson (Merrimack College) 
Lindsay Roderick (Central Conn. State University) (alt.)

District 2
Neil Matz (King’s College)
Brian Boyd (Penn State University)
Kyle Moore (East Stroudsburg University)  
Tim Donovan (Slippery Rock University)  (alt.)

District 1
Megan Brunelle (Quinnipiac University)
Nora Beltz (Plymouth State University)
Hillary Bucklin (Northeastern University)  
Liz Lowe  (University of Vermont) (alt.)

District 2
Kassia Garfield (Ithaca College)
Mike McCristall (HofstraUniversity)
Shannon Desgoieller (Seton Hall University)
Lynson Willis (Alt.) (Stoney Brook University)

District 1
Rachel Millen, Hillary Turner (Bridgewater State University)
Robert Petrillo (Southern Connecticut State University)

District 2
Martha Dettl (East Stroudsburg University)
Ken Faldetta (King’s College)
Marc Schaffer (Temple University)


District 1
Nicole Curry (Keene State College)
Gretchen Dressel (Northeastern University)
Alison McCarthy (Springfield College)

District 2
Pamela Grondski (Temple University)
DJ Hayes (Penn State University)
Jennifer Williams (Montclair State University)

District 1
Sarah Daniels (University of Vermont)
Bethany Forshaw (Bridgewater State University)
Travis McCann (Southern Conn. State University)

District 2
Katie Barr (Duquesne University)
Patrick Fava (Stony Brook University)
Kate Zimmerman (University of Delaware)

District 1
Jordan DaSilva (Bridgewater State University)
Josh Engelbrecht (Plymouth State University)
Katie Frusciante (Springfield College)

District 2

Steven Davi (King’s College)
Allison Montgomery (Penn State University)
Kyle Tuohy (East Stroudsburg University)

District 1
Brendan Curtin (Plymouth State University)
Samantha Noe (Plymouth State University)
Alicia Valente (University of Maine (University of ME at Orono)

District 2
Allison Gardner (King’s College)
Becky Tyrpak (Penn State University)
Mark Tomaszewski (Rowan University)

District 1
Leah Dell (University of Southern Maine)
Nicholas Tilton (Keene State College)
Vanessa Yolen (Central Conn. State University)
Laura Jassowski (Plymouth State University) (alt)

District 2
Dillon Gorby (California University of PA)
Timothy Filzen (Marist College)
Tyler Keith (Ithaca College)
Lindsay Bodine (West Chester University) (alt)

District 1
John Juniet (Central Conn. State University)
Nathan Oakes (University of New England)
Bethany Lemieux (Lasell College)

District 2
Lauren Sander (West Chester University)
David Hicks (King's College)
Caleb Earl (Daemen College)

District 1

Lauren Burke (Plymouth State University)
Lylie Copeland (University of New England)
Jennifer Holman (Endicott College)
Patrick Coley (University of Connecticut) (alt)

District 2
Anthony DeCarlo (Slippery Rock State University)
Bryan Hicks (King's College)
Kimberly Presuto (Ithaca College)
Ryan Thomson (Temple University) (alt)

District 1
Beth Lewis - University of Vermont
Christina Claudel - University of Maine – Orono
Jacquelyn Nolan - Merrimack College
James Potter – Springfield College (alt)

District 2
Allison Ross – University of Pittsburgh
Sarah Nagle - Rowan University
Marie Fichtel – Montclair State University
Mike DeGaetano – West Chester University (grad) (alt)

District 1
Brian Powell (University of Vermont)
Rebecca Marszalek (Bridgewater State University)
Jessica Drew (University of New England)

District 2
Melissa Gutheil (University of Delaware)
Justin Losowski (Daemen College)
Taylor Kenney (SUNY Cortland)

District 1
Jackie Rodriguez (University of Connecticut)
Benjamin Batoosingh (Springfield College)
Max Spielman (Southern Connecticut State University)

District 2
Jessica Baun (Daemen College)
Matthew Weck (Lebanon Valley College)
Max Coulter (West Chester University)

District 1
Jordan Hines (Lasell University)
Stephanie Toubman (Casleton University)
Meg Lander (University of Maine)

District 2
Megan McQueen (Duquesne University)
Adam Yuan (Kings College)
Miranda Zito (University of Pittsburgh) 

Other Photos from January 2020 Meeting

D2 Quiz Bowl Winners   D1 Quiz Bowl Winners