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What our Attendees Say!

The quality of education at the EATA Conference is excellent. I am also always impressed with the level of student commitment and involvement at the conference.  I truly enjoy attending this annual conference to gain further knowledge and network.

image01Amy Brzoska, MS, LAT, ATC | Clinical Professor in Sports Medicine/Athletic Trainer-King's College

What our Attendees Say!

The EATA provides high quality educational opportunities with a vast array of topics.  The symposiums workshops, general lectures, student program, and the newly implemented educators conference has something for everyone.

image01Scot F. Spak ATC, MEd, CSCS | Athletic Trainer-Massachusetts Institute of Technology

What our Exhibitors Say!

I have had the good fortune of exhibiting at the EATA for over 25 years and I can say hands down it is my favorite and most productive conference of the year. It is a yearly homecoming that brings together a unique family.  We get to see, reconnect, break bread and catch up with so many friends and customers.

image01Wally Collins | President-Collins Sports Medicine

What our Volunteers Say!

I have been a volunteer since 1998. My work with EATA expanded my professional network beyond my friends and conference colleagues.  I have been involved with 20 Annual Meetings, each has been a challenge as well as an accomplishment.

image01Bob O'Malley | Head Athletic Trainer- SUNY Cortland

What our Volunteers Say!

There is no higher honor than to be respected by one’s peers and associates for helping to make our profession better and stronger…the EATA has an established history of giving back to Districts One and Two…my schedule always includes giving back to the EATA!

image01Jeff Stone | Athletic Trainer-Retired

The Eastern Athletic Trainers' Association

The Eastern Athletic Trainers' Association was first formed in January 1949 when a few athletic trainers in the northeast decided to gather and share information. Today, the EATA encompasses all members of the National Athletic Trainers' Association who reside in either District 1 or District 2. The EATA holds an annual meeting and provides scholarships and research opportunities for students and certified athletic trainers who are members

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Mission and Vision Statements


The mission of the EATA is to promote and advance the Athletic Training profession through education, scholarship, research funding, and awards.


Enhancing athletic training practice and transforming outcomes by providing high quality, collaborative, interactive programming.

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